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Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words, my name is Alisha.
And today we're going to talk about 10 ways to talk about your plans.
Okay, on with the video!
1. What are you doing this weekend?
This is a very basic, very common, and friendly way to ask about someone's plans for the weekend. You can use this question to ask what someone else is doing, if you think you might want to invite them to do something with you.
For example, what are you doing this weekend? I'm thinking of going for a drive.
So you can use this to kind of preface to kind of introduce your invitation.
Okay, next is…
2. Any plans?
“Any plans?” is a great and very casual question that you can use at any time of the week, it could be a Tuesday, it could be Thursday, it could be Saturday, whatever, you know that something is coming up, like a special holiday or something interesting, and you just want to know what that person's plans are, you can say “Any plans?”
For example, the weekend is coming, any plans?
You can use “any plans?” before like dinners as well, like, hey, Tuesday the weather's looking pretty good, any plans?
Like, are you doing anything? Keep in mind this makes it sound like you might invite the person to do something, so please be careful.
Okay, let's go to the next one.
3. I'm free tomorrow.
So if you're making plans with someone and you're trying to figure out each other's schedule, you can say, for example, “I'm free tomorrow” or “I'm free Monday” or “I'm free Sunday,” whatever. You can express your free time with this expression.
I'm free tomorrow, want to do something?
Okay, let's go to the next one, next is…
4. What are you up to on Sunday?
“What are you up to on Sunday?” is a great and casual way to ask about someone's plans on a specific day. So, of course, you can use Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, whatever day you want, and this “what are you up to” sounds a little bit more casual than “what are you doing on Sunday?” or “what are your plans on Sunday?”
It's also very quick and easy to say what do you have to on Sunday. It might become even shorter to “what you up to on Sunday?” or even “what you doing Sunday, how about a movie?”
Okay, let's go to the next expression. Next is
5. The weather's not looking good.
If you made plans with someone to do something outside and it looks like it might rain or there might be some other kind of weather problem, you can use this. This shows maybe you're thinking about canceling or rescheduling.
For example, the weather's not looking good for tomorrow.
This can show that you may need to cancel but it's not because you want to, rather the weather is not so good.
Okay, next is…
6. Can we reschedule?
“To reschedule” means to schedule something again. So if you have something come up, maybe you have a work thing you need to do or you have another appointment, you need to take care of some family situation, you can say “can we reschedule” to show that you still want to do something with that person, just at a different time.
For example, I had a change of plans, can we reschedule?
Next is…
7. I'm not doing anything.
There are two cases in which you can use this. One, you can use this when someone asks about your future plans, like for the weekend. Like, hey, are you doing anything on Saturday? You might say, I'm not doing anything. It means I have no plans to do something. Or you can use it in response to something like hey, what are you doing? Like a phone call or a text from a friend, you might say “I'm not doing anything,” meaning now, so you can use it in these two ways to show you have no plans.
For example, Saturday I'm not doing anything.
Okay, next expression…
8. I'm free whenever.
You can use this expression to show that you are super flexible in your schedule. “I'm free whenever” means any time that's good for you is good for me, so I will make it happen. You can show that you're maybe very easygoing with an expression like this, you can also use it with another time frame.
For example, this weekend I'm free whenever, text me.
This means that this weekend, in this period of this weekend only, I am free at any time, so please contact me. This sounds kind of easy-going.
Next is…
9. Let me know when you're free.
This is a friendly expression, yes, but you're showing that the other person has the responsibility to get back to you. So maybe you have some things you need to do and you're not sure if the other person really wants to plan something, so you might say, “let me know when you're free”; so that means “it's up to you to contact me to do this.”
For example, my schedule is flexible, so please let me know when you're free.
Okay, next is…
10. Sorry, I already have plans.
So if someone invites you to do something and you already have plans that are different from that, you can apologize with this “sorry, I already have plans.”
If you want to be a little more specific, you can say, “sorry, I already have plans, I'm going for a hike with my friend” or “sorry, I already have plans, I'm having dinner with someone.”
So you can be a little more specific. If you're not specific, it might seem a little bit suspicious, but it kind of depends on the person in the situation.
For example, thanks for the invitation but sorry I already have plans.
All right! That brings us to the end of 10 ways to talk about your plans. What did you think? You can let us know in the comments. Thanks very much for watching and I will see you in the next video. Bye!