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Lesson Transcript

Cambridge embodies a sense of living history and with its shops, rich architecture and world-famous university, it attracts both tourists and students alike from around the world. Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is one of the top five universities in the world. It includes the renowned Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University Library, and King's College Chapel. Competition to get a place is tough, and only the elite are chosen through a rigorous selection process. For visitors, Cambridge is a small, easy to navigate, but exceptionally beautiful city, packed with age-old hidden gems. The beautiful old colleges look like something straight from Hogwarts, and an easy day out can be spent on a walking tour of the best the city has to offer. Queen's College boasts a beautiful sun and moon dial, while the peaceful grounds of Emmanuel College and Pembroke College, designed by Christopher Wren, are a small haven in a piece of old England and beg to be visited. Second only to the colleges is Cambridge's most quintessentially English experience, a romantic moonlight boat ride punting down the river Cam. Entertainment and traditional tours can be provided by local students, who will regale you with historical and amusing tales of the surrounding architecture. If you are feeling brave, and fancy a go yourself, self-hire punting is also available; just make sure you don't fall in!