14. Describing People

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avatar Katherine

I would like to know about The grammar point of The infinito and using The gerúndio may YOU explain for me ,please!

avatar Team EnglishClass101.com

Hi Herman,

I’m sorry for the frustration this must have caused you. For assistance with technical matters, please consult our technical support page. :)


Keep studying!

Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar Herman

I could not download the MP3, please help me to fix this problem.
Thanks. Herman

avatar EnglishClass101.com

Hi Mino,

You’re correct, he does say ‘like a gentleman.’

Thanks for noticing!

Hi Francesco,

When he says, “call it even,” he means that she will not owe him anything for paying the cleaning bill. To say, “we’re even,” means you do not owe me, or a debt has been repaid.

Great question, and keep studying!


Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar mino9980@naver.com

in this lesson “So she thought you were a gentleman and fell in love with you?”

it sounds to me “So she thought you were like a gentleman and fell in love with you?”

Am i wrong??

thanks always!! :smile:

avatar Francesco

In this lesson Mike says: ” I suggested we get together for coffee and call it
even”. I don’t understand what does he means with “call it even”. Perhaps he means to call for a coffee not necessarily now but even after a while?
Thank you.

ps. very fun lesson. Chihiro your laughter is contagious.

avatar EnglishClass101.com

Dear Luo,
The sentence “I don’t have the looks” means the person does not regard themselves as good looking. “..so I have make up for it somehow” means the person needs to compensate for this (usually through having a good personality or some other good characteristic, for example).
Thanks for your question! Good luck!
Kind regards,
Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar luo rui

Hello teacher,
Could you tell me what does this sentence mean-”I don’t have the looks, so I have to make up for it somehow .” Does that mean I didn’t have a close relationship with Susan, so I need to do something to make up for it?
Waiting for your reply! Thank you.

avatar Leandro

JUst would like to know how the hosts look like, particularly Chihiro. THanks!

avatar Gabriella - EnglishClass101

Hi Norris,
“To cause a scene” means to make an obvious drama out of something that passers by will notice, gaining an audience along the way.
The expression comes from the theatre, when people would watch a “scene” In the same way.
“Causing a scene” is often a negative expression and can refer to things such as arguments in the street, where strangers stop to watch or observe the situation.
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate!
Kind regards,
Team EnglishClass101.com

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