14. Describing People

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avatar EnglishClass101.com

Hi Kate.

I’m sorry, but in this case Mike did intend to spill the coffee on Susan’s ex-boyfriend. By doing so, he made the ex-boyfriend very angry and made himself look better by staying calm. It was a sneaky trick to get to know Susan better, but it worked :sunglasses:

If you have any other questions, please ask!

Team EnglishClass101.com

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Hi Rabab!

‘Low key’ means quiet and relaxed, so in this case it means a coffee shop that isn’t busy or really popular.

To ‘hit if off’ with someone means to get along well with them. If you meet somebody for the first time and you are quickly talking like old friends, then you have ‘hit it off’ with them.

If you have any more questions, please ask!

Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar Rabab

hello ,
well the lesson is very interesting but i have questions about something i couldn’t understand at the introduction

what is the meaning of ‘’Go somewhere low key for coffee ‘’ i don’t get the meaning of low key
and the meaning of ‘’ if you hit it off ‘’

thanks in advance :) :heart:

avatar Kate

Hi there~
Thanks for the intersting lesson.But I do have a question abt this conversation below:
Joey: You didn’t spill the coffee on her boyfriend on purpose, did you?Mike:Actually, I did! It works every time!
Personally,Mike didn’t mean to spill the coffee on Susan’s Ex-boyfriend. His target was Susan.So he should’ve said “Actually, I didn’t”. Why he uses “I did” in that situation?Am I wrong?

avatar Edwin

I don’t understand went Daniel say “Sounds like Susan and Mike went to a cafe for the
old meet-up-for-coffee-first-non date.” i didn’t understand the joke…

avatar EnglishClass101.com

Hi Katherine,

Thank you for your question. It’s an interesting one.

Essentially, both the gerund and the infinitive are verbal nouns.

The gerund is a verb made into a noun by attaching ing to the end.

For example, run becomes running.

The infinitive is a base form of the verb and starts with “to”

run -> “to run”

Because they are nouns, they can be used in different parts of the sentence where nouns are used.

We usually use gerunds as the subjects of sentences:

Running is good for you.

But you can use both the infinitive and the gerund as objects of certain verbs.

I hate running.

I love to run.

They can also be used in the sentence in a variety of ways. What gets used well often depends on usage and what sounds more natural.

It’s a great question — Please let us know if you have any others!

Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar Katherine

I would like to know about The grammar point of The infinito and using The gerúndio may YOU explain for me ,please!

avatar Team EnglishClass101.com

Hi Herman,

I’m sorry for the frustration this must have caused you. For assistance with technical matters, please consult our technical support page. :)


Keep studying!

Team EnglishClass101.com

avatar Herman

I could not download the MP3, please help me to fix this problem.
Thanks. Herman

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Hi Mino,

You’re correct, he does say ‘like a gentleman.’

Thanks for noticing!

Hi Francesco,

When he says, “call it even,” he means that she will not owe him anything for paying the cleaning bill. To say, “we’re even,” means you do not owe me, or a debt has been repaid.

Great question, and keep studying!


Team EnglishClass101.com