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Who Else Wants To Successfully Pass the TOEIC?

So, you’re planning to work abroad! Fantastic! Want to improve your chances of finding a good job? Proof of your English skills would be a great addition to your CV or resumé. For this, you need to take an English proficiency test or exam, and there are many available.

The three most popular ones are the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). Which one will serve your purpose best? Often, the choice is easy, because employers will indicate their preference.

However, if the choice is yours, then what? This will depend on what kind of work you are planning to do in the other country. If you’re aiming to work in a business environment, the TOEIC exam would be the most appropriate. So, here’s the low-down on the TOEIC tests, and how studying with EnglishClass101 will help you to successfully prepare for and pass them!

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Table of Contents

1. What Exactly Is the TOEIC?


The TOEIC was developed and is still run by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. According to ETS, the TOEIC Listening and Reading, and Writing and Speaking tests are valid assessments of your English-language skills, specifically in the workplace. It determines if you can communicate effectively in English with English-speaking coworkers and clients.

2. How Does TOEIC Registration Work?


Toeic registration

Registering for a TOEIC exam or test is pretty straight forward. You can register for either institutional test sessions through your employer or a language school, or you can register for public test sessions at your local testing center.

Institutional Test Sessions

If you’re going to sit the tests through your employer or a language school, your supervisor or language instructor should be able to explain the procedure.

If you’re doing this on your own in order to improve your job prospects, it would be best to refer to the ETS website for comprehensive instructions. Let’s look at the basics so you know what to expect!

Public TOEIC Test Sessions

For public test sessions, your method of registration will depend on where you’re going to take the test.

Public Test Sessions Outside the USA

  • If you are not living in the United States, you should contact your local ETS preferred-network office to register for an exam. Find a directory of these offices on the ETS website.
  • If your country has no testing location, or if you need to take it at a different location, you will be required to fill out an information request form. This is downloadable on the ETS website.

Public Test Sessions in the USA

  • Public Test Sessions in the United States are held once a month throughout the year. Visit the ETS site to find active testing locations each month.
  • You can register either by email, or via mail. Find details on the ETS website.

3. What do the TOEIC tests look like?


Toeic test

The instructions for the tests are pretty clear, and you should not have problems understanding them. Why not have a look at the TOEIC sample test on the ETS website? Alternatively, here is a breakdown of what you can expect in each test. Also remember that you can contact your local ETS centre directly for more information on all these tests.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Tests
Do you feel jittery with nerves just reading this? That’s normal, don’t worry. Just relax! You’ve got this!

The Listening and Reading tests are comprised of seven parts in total. Answers are multiple choice - easy, see?! You will get a workbook and an answer sheet to work with.


  • Part 1 : Look at a picture, listen to the instructions, and make a selection.
  • Part 2 : Listen to a question or a statement. Then listen to the three possible responses and choose the correct one.
  • Part 3 : Listen to some conversations between people, and answer the comprehension questions that follow.
  • Part 4 : Listen to a talk or a speech given by a single person. Answer the comprehension questions that follow.


  • Part 5 and 6 : The sentences are incomplete. Read, and choose the word that fits.
  • Part 7 : Read the text and answer the multiple-choice comprehension questions on your answer sheet.

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests
Stay relaxed! You’ve still got this!

In this section, you answer 11 questions verbally. They are in the following format:

    1) Read a text out loud.
    2) Look at the picture and describe it.
    3) Listen and respond to questions.
    4) Look at the information given and respond to questions about it.
    5) Propose a solution to a given problem.
    6) Express an opinion about a given topic.

In the writing test, you will answer eight questions. They are in the following format:

    1) Look at a picture and write a sentence based on it.
    2) Read a question and write down your answer.
    3) Write an opinion essay.

4. What About the Test Scores?


Toeic scores

The TOEIC test scores are used to measure how well you might handle yourself in real-life situations speaking, reading, writing and listening to English. One thing to note - the scores are valid only for two years from the date of testing! This is because your English language proficiency can decline or improve.

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How Are the TOEIC Test Scores Calculated?

When you complete the test, your responses are sent through a secure online system and scored by certified ETS raters. These raters are closely monitored throughout the process to ensure fairness and accuracy.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test - According to ETS, the scores on this test are determined by the number of correct answers, which is converted to a scaled score. The total score is 990 - 445 for the listening questions, and 445 for the reading questions.

The ETS score report provides Listening, Reading and total scaled scores. The total scaled score is derived from adding the two scaled scores together.

Technical? Yup. If you want to get into the technical details of the scoring system, the ETS’ TOEIC Listening and Reading Can-Do Guide (PDF) would be a good doc to go through.

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test - According to ETS, these test responses are scored based on specific evaluation criteria. A total scaled score is then provided.

Scores fall into ranges called “proficiency levels,” which summarize specific skill strengths and weaknesses.

5. Benefits of Studying For and Taking the TOEIC exams


Toeic scores

Still unsure if you should study for and take the TOEIC tests? Don’t be! There are excellent upsides to studying for and passing them.

Enhanced Work Opportunities - First, TOEIC is one of the oldest and best language assessment tests around, so it has a great reputation. Over 14,000 companies, government agencies and English Language Learning programs in 150 countries use these scores for candidate evaluation. Studying for these tests through EnglishClass101 and completing them successfully will certainly improve your chances of getting a good score! And a good score means you’re closer to landing that dream job…

Increased Chances of University Acceptance - Taking these tests will enhance your chances to be accepted to an English-language university, if your skills are good!

Your English Skills and Self-confidence will get a huge boost if you study for these tests with EnglishClass101, and pass them successfully! Also, it will look excellent on your CV to any prospective employer, as it will show that you invest in your own education. What boss can resist such a trait in an employee?!

New Horizons - learning with EnglishClass101 means you’ll be able to read and understand English better. This and working in a different country will open new worlds for you! So, what is there to lose?

6. Downside of Studying to Take the TOEIC exams


Toeic downsides

There are not many downsides to studying for and taking these tests. Some may argue that if you’re not going to study or work abroad, the preparation and tests may be redundant and you’ll be wasting your time and money. This is a matter of opinion, though. At EnglishClass101, we believe that studying English and successfully passing the TOEIC exams can only enhance your life!

An obvious but not unreasonable downside to the TOEIC tests is that they are valid only for two years. This means that you have to repeat them every two years for valid ETS certification.

Another downside is that, while the TOEIC tests are very well-designed and reliable, tests can never fully demonstrate any language skill. Rather make sure that you get really good at speaking, reading and writing English by learning and practicing your skills through EnglishClass101 - for real!

But why is EnglishClass101 such a fantastic aide to help you study for and pass the TOEIC exams?

7. How EnglishClass101 Podcasts Help You Successfully Prepare For and Pass TOEIC


englishclass101 tools

EnglishClass101’s podcasts kick the ‘boring’ and ‘useless’ out of online language learning! Our secret is to have fun while learning English, with plenty of nifty resources. For instance, our applications and software are available for use on your computer, iPhone, iPad or android devices, so you can learn on-the-go and anywhere!

We offer over a thousand online audio and video lessons. That’s a lot! PDF downloads with notes, and mobile tools like spaced-repetition flashcards with a huge core vocabulary will give you the edge you need to excel at the TOEIC test. Our lessons are culturally relevant, so you may even get to learn important facts about the country you’re planning to work in…what a bonus!

Best of all, though, is that you get to apply your new knowledge in lively online forums and discussions. You get to practice your skills in real life with real people!

Millions of pleased users can’t be wrong. So sign up today for EnglishClass101 to help you pass the TOEIC test!

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