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Vocabulary Lists Columbus Day

Columbus Day

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Columbus Day
Native American (n)
explorer (n)
controversy (n)
Christopher Columbus
colonization (n)
parade (n)
heritage (n)
long-running (adj)
East Indies (n)
Santa Maria
San Salvador island
Queen Isabella
New World (n)
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Wednesday at 12:13 pm
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Hey listeners! Do you want to learn more about Columbus Day in the United States? Check out this American English lesson:

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Wednesday at 8:37 pm
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Hi David,

Thanks for posting!

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Wednesday at 12:20 pm
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Hello, can you please help me and let me know how i can add the new words to flashcard deck or new deck.

Wednesday at 11:31 am
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Hi JSalguero,

Hi Abdullah Marouf

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Abdullah Marouf
Tuesday at 5:22 pm
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No new word

Monday at 11:09 pm
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Great words, parade, heritage, columbus day are new words for me. I have listened the others words but I rarely use those in a conversation

Monday at 11:01 pm
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I think the name of one of the ship was Niña, but it's Nina in english?? or it's just because you don't have the letter ñ in your alphabet???😁

Monday at 10:50 pm
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I did not Know the words heritage and parade, also I heard before the rest of the words of course in the history books in spanish :)
Thursday at 11:37 am
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Hello Tara,

Thank you for posting.

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Tuesday at 1:00 am
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This words is very harrrrrrrrrrrd.... i can't understand....??? sorry!
Tuesday at 5:17 pm
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Hi Studentka,

"long-running" means that something has been happening for a long time. For example, the TV show The Simpsons started in 1989, so we can call that a "long-running TV show" as it has been on air for 26 years.

"heritage" means something that get by birth, that has been passed down from previous generations. You often hear the word used in the phrase "cultural heritage", as our culture is passed down from our parents and grandparents.

I hope that explains things!