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Vocabulary Lists Easter


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candy (n)
The candy is very sweet.
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rabbit (n)
white rabbit in the green grass
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chocolate (n)
egg (n)
Bacon and eggs is a traditional American breakfast.
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tulip (n)
chick (n)
lamb (n)
look for Easter eggs
hide Easter eggs
hard-boiled egg
Easter egg hunt (n)
Easter egg (n)
Easter bunny (n)
Easter basket
dye eggs
decorate (v)
jellybean (n)
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Saturday at 3:15 pm
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Hey listeners! Do you want to learn more about Easter? Check out these English lessons:

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2) Advanced Audio Blog Season 3 - Top 10 US Holidays: Easter

Sunday at 3:18 pm
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Hello abouchou,

Thank you for the cute emoticons!

We hope you liked the lesson!

Let us know if you have any questions.




Sunday at 5:40 pm
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Sunday at 2:22 pm
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Thanks great lesson about easter
Wednesday at 8:52 am
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Hi aslan,

Easter is celebrated in the US, but as it is a Christian holiday, it is celebrated in other Christian countries too.

So, it's also celebrated in countries across Europe and also countries such as Australia and Canada.

I hope that answers your question!



Wednesday at 8:46 am
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Hi Divine,

We have lessons aimed at all levels of English learners, from absolute beginners to advanced learners.

Have you looked at some of our advanced lessons?




Sunday at 4:17 pm
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I understood that Easter is american religion holiday.Is it true?

Saturday at 10:45 pm
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I'm beginning to fill bored at this Englisg Larson, because this are too easy for me.

While this may be okay for some people,

It's too too easy, I believe, I can do with something more concrete.

But thanks anyway.