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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Phrases to Amaze Native Speakers

Top 10 Phrases to Amaze Native Speakers

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I completely understood everything you said.
Thank you but I'm not a native speaker actually.
It took me only one year to become fluent.
I've been learning English for 10 years.
I'm learning English all by myself.
Apart from knowing English, I can speak a few other languages as well.
I can memorize around 50 new English words a day.
English is fun and easy to learn!
I’ll speak English like a native speaker in 3 years.
I can watch movies in English without subtitles.
None of our words match your filter
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Thursday at 4:38 pm
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Hey Listeners! What word would you add to this list? Be sure to leave a comment below!

Tuesday at 5:02 pm
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I’m from Malaysia and I’m going to take my IELTS at the end of this year. Pray for me .I’m still don’t have a confident to speak. albiet when i was in a secondary school I love speaking in public. huh..I don’t know what happen to me. I suppose to have a character developement but then it is a vice versa from it. huhuhuhuhu

Thursday at 3:11 pm
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Hi Cha,

Thank you for posting.

Keep up studying well and soon you’ll get great results!

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.😄


Thursday at 12:03 pm
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I’ll speak fluent English in 2 years this my target..I hope I could achieve this.

Monday at 8:45 pm
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Hi Md. Rabiul Islam

Thank you for your message!

We wish you the best in your further English studies!

Best Regards,

Md. Rabiul Islam
Sunday at 8:23 pm
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thanks to 1 on 1 team.
I have understood almost every words.

Thursday at 11:26 am
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Hello Kiran,

Thank you for posting.
Please check this video series where basic words/phrases/expressions are introduced:

Check the written lesson materials and the Lesson Notes and Transcript PDFs, so that you can read along and check the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

In case you’re looking for a 1-on-1 lesson with one of our teachers, please check this link for more details:


Wednesday at 8:50 pm
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Hi Aleax

Thank you for your message.

For a 1-on-1 lesson, please check out our Elite program:

You can learn the English language and the culture via Skype with our English teachers.

Talking to a native English speaker is defintely the fastest way to improve your English so please check it out and let us know if you have any question.😉

@ Kiran,
Our team will soon give you a reply. thank you.


Sunday at 2:31 pm
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i cant undestan sorry

Sunday at 2:29 pm
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i want a teacher who teach me english very well.i dont know about english language im a muslim my mother language is urdu.plz suggest me what i do to learn english

Aleax Schofil
Friday at 9:14 pm
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I think this is useful for learner, But if any one rely want learn English like a native, he should practice speaking with a native speaker. I learn myself in this day there are a lot of site which provide amazing service.Such as help me for learning.
They taught very well over Skype. You don’t have to be physically present to go to a class. All you need is internet access and Skype.