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Vocabulary Lists Top 30 Travel Phrases You Should Know

Top 30 Travel Phrases You Should Know

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Thank you!
Be sure to say "Thank you".
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How much is this?
Can I try this on?
Do you speak English?
Water, please.
I'd like this.
It doesn't fit.
I'd like ten of these.
Do you have any recommendations?
I have a reservation.
Do you have any vacancies tonight?
Could I move to a different room?
Could you find me a non-smoking room?
Is there a bus from the airport to the city?
Is this the right bus for the airport?
Where is the train station?
What do you recommend for a souvenir?
Do you take credit card?
This isn't what I ordered.
Our food hasn't come yet.
Could I have the check?
Excuse me, what's the fare?
Could you take a picture of me please?
Is the Wi-Fi free?
Could you give me a discount?
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
Iā€™d like to have a non-smoking seat, please.
I'm allergic to peanuts.
Could I get a map?
Could we have the menu, please?
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Thursday at 12:32 pm
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Do you study a language before traveling? How do you study?
Sunday at 9:22 pm
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Dear Janet,

Thanks for posting!

Indeed, having at least a basic knowledge in the language beforehand can be very helpful for when you travel :wink:

And we're glad that you're using the study resources in!

In case you have any doubts, please let us know.



Sunday at 9:06 pm
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Yes, I think it's necessary to have at least basic knowledge. At moment I use several internet sites, YouTube videos and
Wednesday at 10:38 am
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Hi Saja,

Thank you for telling us about the languages you study! Good luck with studying both of them.



Thursday at 2:29 am
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yes >> enlish and korean

Thursday at 2:28 am
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do you speak english