EnglishClass101 Basic Bootcamp Season 2 Curriculum 

This 5-lesson series gives you a brief introduction to British English. You’ll learn the very basics of grammar and vocabulary all in 5 compact lessons.

BASIC BOOTCAMP Title Topic Function Dialogue/Target Phrases Vocabulary List Cultural Insight
#1 Basic BootcampS2#1: How to Introduce Yourself Self-introduction Learning how to introduce yourself (formal)
A: Hello, my name is Gabriella White. What's your name?
B: Hello, Ms.White. My name is Donna Jones, but you can call me Donna. It's nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you too, Donna. I am friends with your brother and he speaks very highly of you.
B: I'm glad to hear that.
A: Hi, I'm Gabriella. And you are…?
B: Donna. It's good to see you, Gabriella.
A: You too! I know your brother and he is always talking about you
B: I hope he only says nice things!
to call
to be
to meet
to know
Handshakes and formality
#2 Basic BootcampS2#2: Nationality in English Nationality/Basic Grammar Learning basic grammar and how to say where you are from A: Hello, I'm Elin. I am Swedish.
B: Hi, I am Katarina and I'm Korean.
A: Is your boyfriend American?
B: No, he's Kenyan.
A: These shoes are Italian.
B: My jacket is French.
New Zelander
Appropriate questions for first meeting
#3 Basic BootcampS2#3: Asking Questions in English Basic Conversation/Asking questions Using English Phrases to Learn More English A: Excuse me.
B: Pardon me.
A: What does this mean?
B: How do you say this in English?
A: Could you repeat that?
B: Could you speak more slowly?
A: How do you spell that?
B: How do you pronounce this word?
to pronounce
excuse me
pardon me
to say
How to politely interrupt
#4 Basic BootcampS2#4: Counting 1 to 100 in English Counting Counting 1 to 100 in English A: Wow, you have a lot of foreign coins there! How much do you have?
B: I have thirty three Euros and sixty four cents, plus forty five pounds and fifty eight pence.
A: What are today's winning lottery numbers?
B: They are seven, sixteen, nineteen, twenty four, thirty, forty two and forty nine.
A: How did the race go?
B: I ran the full twenty six miles in four hours and fifty eight minutes. I came sixth in my category.
A: How are your football team doing this season?
B: We were twelfth, but we've won a few games recently so now we're third!
Writing ordinal numbers
#5 Basic BootcampS2#5: Counting from 100 to 10,000 Counting Counting 100 to 10,000 in English A:Have you bought a new car yet?
B: No, but I viewed a few today. I have a price range of under £15,000 and it's difficult to find a new car for that price.
A: Did you see any you liked?
B: Yes, but it was £18,999 on the road. Then I'd have to pay for tax and insurance too.
A: That's expensive. I bought my car for £12,350 second hand but it has very low mileage.
B: How much was the insurance?
A: £450 for the year.
B: Hmm, maybe I'll try the second hand garage.
to view
to buy
second hand
Talking about money