EnglishClass101 Intermediate S1 Curriculum 

In this Intermediate season, you will learn how to use your English for you next trip to the United States, or any other English speaking country. If you’re traveling or plan to work in America, this season is just right for you! You’ll learn proper English grammar and vocabulary for going to the bank, surviving US customs and immigration, parties and more!

  Title Topic Function Grammar Point Useful Vocabulary and Phrases Cultural Insight
#1 No Joking in English at Immigration! Immigration How to make suggestions with conditionals The second conditional What’s the purpose of your stay?
Drop the humor.
Stop joking around.
Immigration in the United States
#2 Remember What You Have to Declare in English at Customs Customs How to use “might” to express possibility The modal verb “might” Do you have anything to declare?
I’m going to confiscate…

The quickest way to get through American customs
#3 You Must Talk to the Taxi Driver in English! Talking to a taxi driver How to use the modal “must” to express opinion  The modal verb “must.” …as anything
nimble as anything
…to pull (such a stunt)

Tips for riding in an American taxi
#4 What’s the First Thing to Ask in English When You Check into a Hotel? Hotel check-in How to use conditionals to talk about true or possible situations in the future The first conditional it looks like
in vain
Choosing your American hotel room
#5  I Should Have Gotten the American Rental Car Insurance Renting cars How to use “should have” to express regret The modal phrase “should have” I hear you.
numbering off 
Renting an American car
#6 That English Question Is Best Left Unanswered! Fast food How to make questions in place of statements Rhetorical questions Skimp out
Here’s a ten.

Fast food in America
#7 Going on an All-English Diet Catching up How to omit the subject in casual conversations Subject omission And look who’s here.
to be stuck with

An American diet
#8 You “Have to” Study This English Lesson! Opening a bank account How to use “have” to explain a requirement The modal phrase “have to” free of charge

American banks
#9 But You Were Told by Them in English! Inviting someone to a party How to make speech less direct with the passive voice The present passive form designated driver
not interested
Parties in America
#10 Just Tell Him in English that You Want the Usual Ordering coffee How to use American money Units of money the usual
here’s a ten
this one’s on me
 American coffee
#11 Can You Equate Price with Quality in America? Shoe sizes How to use nouns to qualify or describe something Nouns used as adjectives That’s not exactly a bargain.
He wasn’t exactly happy about it.
They weren’t exactly quiet.
I wasn’t exactly polite.

American shoe sizes
#12 As I Said in English, If You Weren’t Running Late, We’d Get More Done! Postponing an appointment How to use conditional to criticize or express regret The third conditional running a little late
morning person
night owl
Polite excuses for being late
#13 Giving Directions in English Directions How to tell somebody the right directions Giving directions You can’t miss it.

Following and giving directions in America
#14 Sitting Back and Enjoying the American Ride Haircuts How to use “do” to emphasize something The auxiliary verb “to do” a little off the top
I want a little off the back.
Sit back and enjoy the ride.
American haircuts
#15 The Art of Making Conversation in English Small talk How to use phrasal verbs in a sentence Phrasal verbs I’ve been putting it on hold.
stiff as a board

Getting to know people in America
#16 How Can the English Words for Time Help You Figure out Where She Is? Party manners How to order adjectives in a sentence Order of adjectives three o’clock
Cowabunga was more than just a turtle to me!

Party crashing in America
#17 Do Doctors in America Have What You Need? Doctor’s office How to use negative questions to confirm a hypothesis Negative questions Please fill out this form and sign at the bottom.
fill out
fill in
Read the fine print.

American doctors
#18 Are American Doctors’ Offices Just a Pain in the…Neck? Symptoms of illnesses How to explain symptoms to a doctor Vocabulary for symptoms feeling a bit under the weather”
can’t seem to keep anything down
it slips right out
Say ‘ah!’

Talking to doctors in America
#19 Have You Scheduled an Appointment in English? Scheduling an appointment How to use the present perfect tense to ask about something in the past The present perfect That won’t work for me.
That sums it up.

Scheduling dentist appointments in America
#20 Think of All You Could Do If You Spoke English! Being sick How to make polite requests with “could” The modal verb “could” to have caught up
a wave of nostalgia

American remedies
#21 Speaking English Won’t Keep You from Visiting the Dentist, But It Will Ease Your Pain Dentists How to understand and ask something of your dentist Language for the dentist’s office Am I correct?
strongly urge
Dental appointments in America
#22 Which Aisle is the Canned Soup? Supermarkets How properly to use future constructions “will” and “going to” Two future tense constructions, “going to” and “will” handle the situation
might as well
Shopping for groceries in America
#23 Can You Follow English Directions? Apartments How to use the prepositions “on”, “in” and “at” Prepositions Don’t mention it.
It’s a deal made in heaven.

Renting an apartment or house
#24 Tell Me in English Why This Is So Expensive! Plumbing problems How to make sentences with two or more verbs together Verbs followed by other verbs not for your ears
no wonder
Plumbing and hidden fees
#25 Why Are Your Friends Asking You in English What to Wear This Weekend? Stress and recreation How to use alliteration Alliteration the ropes
figuring out the ropes
learning the ropes
I need to unwind.
polar opposites

Weekend recreation in America