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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Parris from EnglishClass101.com. In this video, we'll be talking about 10 Words You Need to Know at the Airport. Let's go!
[Normal] "terminal" [Slow] "terminal"
A "terminal" is the place where a plane stops to collect or drop off passengers.
For example, you can say "The plane will pull into the terminal so we can exit."
[Normal] "luggage pickup" [Slow] "luggage pickup"
This is the place at an airport where you get your luggage after a flight.
For example, you can say "The luggage pickup area is busy."
Sometimes you can also see "baggage claim" instead of "luggage pickup."
Then we have...
[Normal] "plane ticket" [Slow] "plane ticket"
You need to keep your plane ticket with you at all times when you're at the airport. At the airport, this will be called a "boarding pass."
For example, you can say "I purchased my plane ticket online."
The next word is ...
[Normal] "flight" [Slow] "flight"
A "flight" is another name for a plane that goes to a certain destination. For example, you might hear "this flight goes to New York."
For example, you can say "The flight will leave in one hour."
Next word is ...
[Normal] "board" [Slow] "board"
This verb means "to get on a plane, boat, etc."
For example, you can say "We need to hurry in order to board on time."
[Normal] "boarding gate" [Slow] "boarding gate"
A boarding gate is the place where you go to get on your flight. Usually, there is a "gate number" to help you find your gate.
For example, you can say "I couldn't find my boarding gate."
[Normal] "delayed" [Slow] "delayed"
If a flight or train is delayed, it means that it will leave later than expected.
For example, you can say "The train departure will be delayed for 20 minutes."
[Normal] "take off" [Slow] "take off"
When something starts to fly, especially an airplane, we say that it's "taking off."
For example, you can say "The plane will take off in twenty minutes."
The next word is ...
[Normal] "land" [Slow] "land"
When something descends and touches the ground after flying, we say that it "lands."
For example, you can say "The plane will land at the airport at ten o'clock."
Next word is ...
[Normal] "reservation" [Slow] "reservation"
A reservation is used when you made arrangements in advance for something, such as a restaurant, hotel, tour, etc.
For example, you can say "Do you have a reservation?"
The next word is ...
[Normal] "currency exchange" [Slow] "currency exchange"
"Currency" is the kind of money accepted in a certain country (e.g. dollars, yen, euros), and "exchange" means "to trade." A currency exchange counter is where you can give someone one kind of currency and they'll give you a different type.
For example, you can say "Go to the currency exchange counter to exchange your dollars for euros."
The next word is ...
[Normal] "duty-free" [Slow] "duty-free"
"Duty" is another word for "tax." At a duty-free shop, you can purchase items without having to pay the usual government tax.
For example, you can say "I like to visit the duty-free shop when I take international flights."
Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which word do you like more? Leave us a comment letting us know.
See you next time!