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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today, we're going to talk about 10 things to do at the office. These are going to be 10 verbs or 10 expressions with verbs in them that you can use when you are at the office. Let's go!
1. check email
The first expression is check email. To check email means just to look and see if you have new messages or you need to write a message or is there new information that you need to be aware of. So just to check your email is to check the information that has been sent to you.
In a sentence, "I check email throughout the day."
2. make copies
The next expression is make copies, make copies. So, to make a copy means to go to the copy machine and put your document on the machine and then you duplicate it. Anyway, make copies, to make copies of a document is to duplicate the document using the copy machine, using the copy machine.
In a sentence, "Can you make four copies of this?"
3. schedule a meeting
Schedule a meeting, schedule a meeting, so to schedule a meeting means to create a meeting and tell the other people about the meeting at that specific time, to schedule a meeting, so to make a plan for a meeting, essentially. In a sentence, I'll schedule the meeting for 11 tomorrow.
4. take / make a call
The next is actually a pair, you have take a call and make a call. So, to take a call means to receive a call. So, a phone call comes to you. Make a call, however, means the call comes from you, like I need to make a call to my mother today or I need to make a call to the client later this afternoon. In the reverse, you can say, "Oh, I really need to take this call."
Okay, in sentence, "I need to take this call."
5. write a report
The next expression is write a report, write a report. So, we do this after a task has finished, something has been completed, we need to write about that task and the results. So, we write a report about that thing.
In a sentence, "I've got a few reports to write by the end of the day."
6. attend a meeting
the next expression is attend a meeting, attend a meeting. So attend means go to or attend means participate, essentially. So, attend a meeting means go to the meeting, participate in the meeting.
In a sentence, "Please attend the staff meeting on Friday."
7. have a conference call
The next expression is have a conference call, have a conference call. A conference call means a phone call with many participants. So, this can mean participants from your company sharing like the phone in one room, many people using one phone on speaker phone, so that everyone in the room can listen. So, there's that, but the person on the end of the line, the person on the other end of the line in this case might be one person or it might be another group of people or it might be several groups all speaking on the same phone call. So a conference call means a phone call or perhaps a video call with many different participants.
In a sentence, "We have a conference call scheduled for 3 today."
8. submit a timesheet
The next expression is submit a timesheet, submit a timesheet. So, to submit is like to present, to give your boss or to give a manager a timesheet. A timesheet is a record of your working hours. So, what time did you start work and what time did you finish work? So, submitting that might be something you do at the end of the month.
In a sentence, "Please submit your timesheet by the end of the week."
9. clock in / clock out
The next expression is another pair of expressions. It's clock in and clock out. These are the expressions we use when we start work and we record it in a time system and we end work and we record the time. So when we clock in is when we come to the office and we begin work. When we arrive at the office, we clock in, we register, we are at work, we are at the office. We clock out when we leave the office at the end of the day.
In a sentence, "Don't forget to clock in and clock out every day."
10. Go to lunch
The next expression is go to lunch, go to lunch. So not...well, you can't say eat lunch, but if you say go to lunch, it sounds a little bit more friendly, a little more casual. So, to go to lunch means to take your lunch break. I'm going to go to lunch.
In a sentence, "We're gonna go to lunch. Wanna come?"
Those are 10 things to do at the office. Is there something else that you do at the office or an expression you've heard at the office that you're confused about? Let us know in the comments. Thank you very much for watching this episode of Top Words! I will see you again soon. Bye-bye!