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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're gonna be talking about the top 10 ways to prepare for travel. So let's go!
1. choose your destination
The first step is to choose your destination. Destination is the place you want to go, so of course, choose your destination to begin your travels.
In a sentence, if you choose your destination based only on price, you might be disappointed.
2. buy a guidebook
The next expression is buy a guidebook, or maybe download a guidebook at this point. Buy a guidebook, so once you have chosen your destination, you can buy a guidebook for your destination which will give you tips about what to do there.
In a sentence, I bought my guidebook on the internet and it was great.
You can buy a guidebook at a used bookstore for Less.
3. save money
Next phrase for travel is save money. So once you have chosen your destination and bought a guidebook, you need to save money, if you haven't saved money already. So travel can be expensive, you need to save money for your actual transportation as well as for the things you plan to do in your destination.
So, in a sentence, I'm trying to save money for a trip to Europe next year.
Saving money is hard but it's worth it when you're on the trip.
4. booked a flight
The next step is to book a flight so you've saved your money, you've chosen your destination, you've bought the guidebook, now you need to book your flight. So to book means to reserve, it's the same as in, like, book a restaurant, for example. Book a hotel, book a flight.
So in a sentence, I booked my flight for my vacation last week.
5. research the costs
well, I hope you do this before you book your flight, but, you research the costs of where you're going to go, how much does it cost to eat there, how much does transportation cost there, how much are sightseeing attractions going to cost there, those kinds of things, so you need to research the costs for your trip.
In a sentence, I research the costs for my upcoming vacation in Europe and it seems pretty reasonable.
6. request vacation time
The next step is to request vacation time, or to request time off, or to ask for time off. So at your job, if you need to take time away from your job to go traveling somewhere, you need to request vacation time.
In a sentence, I'm going to request vacation time next week and I feel a little bit nervous.
7. booked accommodations
The next expression is booked accommodations, or just booked a hotel, or booked a hostel, something like that, booked an AirB&B, as well, is fine. so this means to reserve the place you are going to stay in your destination.
Let's see, in a sentence, I booked my hotel on the internet.
8. obtain an international driving license
The next one, for some of you, perhaps, if you are just, you really want to do all of the things, you can obtain an international driving license. So maybe if you really really really want to be able to drive a car in your destination, you can get a driver's license permission to drive a car in the country of your destination.
So in a sentence, I'm taking the test for my international driver's license next week, I hope I pass.
9. pack
The next one is the verb pack. So to pack means to put things in a suitcase, or to put things in a box. This motion of putting things in something else for the purpose of taking them elsewhere is packing; we do it when we move to a new house or when we travel.
In a sentence, I need to pack for my trip next week.
10. get a visa
The next expression is get a visa, so in some countries you need to get a visa before you go to the country, even if you're just there as a tourist you need to get a visa, special permission, to be in that country. Sometimes you have to pay money for it, so you need to research this before you travel.
In a sentence ,I got my visa when I arrived in Australia.
Alright! So those are ten phrases that you can use as you prepare to travel. I hope you enjoyed and I hope that you can use these the next time you plan to travel somewhere. Thanks very much for watching, and we'll see you again soon. Bye!