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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Top Words. Today's subject is 10 phrases for surviving back to school.
1. backpack
Put your backpack under your desk for the test.
A backpack is a pack that goes on your back, you see all kids wearing it to school, it zips open, you put your books inside and you wear it on your back. It's a backpack.
2. classmate
He's been my classmate since kindergarten.
A classmate is someone that you are in class with. So your friend who sits next to you, that's your classmate, Timmy who sits all the way down there, that's your classmate. A classmate is just someone who's literally in class with you, who you go to school with.
3. homework
Do we have homework due tomorrow?
Homework is work you do at home, so at the end of a class the teacher will say, tonight for homework I want you to do 50 math problems, which sounds like a lot. Fifty math problems for homework and you turn it in tomorrow. So homework is work that you take home with you to do at night when you're at home.
4. exam
If you start studying for the exam now, you'll thank yourself later.
An exam is a test. Once you learn some sort of topic in class, your teacher might want to give you an exam to test your knowledge. So your teacher is going to hand out the tests and you're going to sit there and fill it out, and that's an exam. An exam is also known as a test, they're the same thing. An exam is just putting to the test what you know, it's making you recall the information that you've learned in class.
You take an exam.
5. summer break
This summer break I'm not going to do anything at all!
Summer break is a vacation that you have after class ends and it takes place during the summer. Some people call it summer vacation, summer break; it usually lasts a few months and you can do whatever you want during that time because you don't have class, you don't have school. It usually comes at the end of a semester, at the end of the year. So if you're in highschool and you have freshman year, at the end of freshman year you're going to have summer vacation, summer break.
6. school
What school do you go to?
I love my school.
School is great. I learn so much in school.
School is where you go to learn. So you wake up in the morning and do your hair, and you get ready for school, then you get on the school bus, or you get driven to school or you walk to school; and in school is where you have class, where you see your classmates, where you take exams.
7. study
To study means to go over everything you've learned to prepare for a test.
Just to prepare for class in general, to make sure you understand the topic, it's to study. Some people like to study at libraries, some people like me like to study just at home in bed because then I can fall asleep easily. Studying is what you need to do to prepare for an exam, to prepare for a hard day of class coming up, it's just to make sure that you understand the topics that you're learning in school.
8. It's the first day of class.
I have so much work and it's only the first day of class!
The first day of class, you might feel nervous or worried or scared, especially if it's a new school and it's the first day of class, and that's when you're going to meet all of your classmates for the first time. Some people over summer break like to buy new clothes and new wardrobe in preparation for the first day of class.
9. We're in the same class!
We're in the same class for the third time in a row! I'm talking to an imaginary friend here.
Being in the same class means that that other person is your classmate, it means you go to class to learn together. So for example, you might be in the same history class as your friend Jonathan, or you might be in the same English class as your friend Susie. Being in the same class is fun because then you and your classmate can do homework together, can prepare for exams together, etc.
10. What classes are you taking?
What classes are you taking? Oh, I'm taking Social Studies, English, Math, and theater.
What classes are you taking is a question that a lot of people ask each other on the first day of school, because when you are in high school, let's say, or maybe even younger, you're able to choose some classes, those are called electives. So, for example, my friend Susie is taking Advanced European history, that might be different from what I'm taking because when I chose my classes for a semester or for a school year, I chose something else; maybe I chose Advanced American history. So what classes are you taking, you're going to hear a lot on the first day of school so that friends can find out what classes they might share.
That brings us to the end of today's lesson - 10 phrases for surviving back to school. Thanks for watching! If you guys like the video don't forget to give it a thumbs-up, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and leave any comments you have below and don't forget to go to EnglishClass101.com to learn more English.