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Lesson Transcript

We are waiting for this balloon to be inflated and we have just had our safety briefing, so it looks like everything's going to happen. So excited, there's the basket!
This is happening! Oh my god! We're getting close! We're getting close!
We're here!
Ready to take off!
We're taking off! Bye!
Good morning, EnglishClass101 listeners, I'm here in Bagan in Myanmar where the balloons have just taken off once again in this beautiful place filled with over 3000 temples, one of which is just behind me there. And I wanted to give you the top 5 phrases that you would like to hear in a hot-air balloon. Yesterday I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life, taking a hot air balloon and they gave me this hat, actually; this was the company, Balloons Over Bagan. I would have loved to have given you the phrases while I was in the balloon itself, I did get some shots from the balloon but the sound was very difficult up there, due to the fire that they were using to power the balloon. So I'd like to give you the phrases right here, and I'm going to show you some of the footage while I'm at it.
So first of all, phrase number one...
1. I get to check this off my bucket list
In English, we have this phrase "to kick the bucket," which means to die. So to make a bucket list is to make a list of things to do before you die, now for me, one of mine was to go in a hot-air balloon. I had tried to do it for the first time in 2009, but the morning I went the trip was canceled. So here I am again, more than 6 years later, and I'm trying again, and this time it was successful so I get to check it off my bucket list, I get to do this thing before I die, and I did it! EnglishClass101 listeners, it was so exciting! So you should make a list of things to do before you die, your own bucket list.
Phrase number 2...
2. Will you marry me?
So today is actually Valentine's Day, and it's very popular on Valentine's Day, and anytime you're planning to propose to your special someone, to go to a special place and I can't think of a more special place than in a hot-air balloon. There's enough space, trust me, in the basket to kneel down. At least from my country, the USA, it's customary to get down on one knee, it doesn't really matter which knee, at least, I've never thought so, and you get down you kneel on one knee and you say "will you marry me?"
Now, unfortunately, listeners I did not see any marriage proposals on my balloon yesterday. But I bet you today there are over 30 balloons that go off here in Bagan, Myanmar. I bet you someone proposed. Oh! It would have been such a beautiful moment, "will you marry me?" That is phrase number two.
Phrase number three...
3. This is a first for me
So going in a hot-air balloon as I said, I had never done it before, so it is a first for me. A first being the first time I have done something, I'm sure there are many firsts that you can think of in your life that you've had, and maybe many more first that you'd like to have. So this was a first for me, or this is a first for me. Phrase number three.
Maybe a first for you could be the first time that you've ever had sushi, or the first time that you've ever climbed a mountain. I mean, there are so many firsts that you can have.
"This is a first for me, getting in a hot-air balloon."
Phrase number four...
4. The view is incredible from up here
Now, this is something that we use in English to say whatever we've gone to the top of an observation tower, the top of a mountain, the top of a temple, like I went to this morning, or really any high place that you go to to take a great photo or to get an incredible view, we say the view is incredible from up here.
Phrase number five...
5. What a ride. Champagne time!
So at the end of my balloon ride yesterday, as soon as we dropped into the field below, we had a beautiful picnic basket unfurled on the field in front of us, and we got to enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate. And when we finished something, some incredible rides, some, maybe it could be in a car, on a bus; it could be from a bad experience, or a good, but we say "what a ride."
What a ride.
And when we're about to drink champagne, we say "champagne time!" This expression from after riding in a hot-air balloon originally came from the pilots of these balloons, wanting to make sure the farmers in the fields where they landed didn't get too upset. So they would offer the farmers some champagne, along with any guests they may have in their balloons; and that's where the tradition first came from. So "what a ride. Champagne time!"
Phrase number five.
EnglishClass101 listeners, thank you so much for coming along with me to Bagan, Myanmar for my first ride in a hot-air balloon. It was incredible! I can't wait to do it again! It was such a smooth ride, so different from being on an airplane. I wish all my airplane rides were that smooth and relaxing, and I just want to say that you too should try a hot air balloon ride if you get the chance, if you think it's expensive I say go for it anyway. Check it off of your bucket list, it's worth the money, it's worth every penny. And please come to Bagan, Myanmar if you ever get the chance, it is a beautiful place, nothing like it in the world. Thank you, bye!
And we're on the ground. Amazing! They're coming to get us.
They're taking the balloon down.
What a ride. Now it's champagne time! So cheers! Here's to my first balloon ride, I checked this off the bucket list. it was awesome and amazing.