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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Bridget and welcome to today's lesson. The topic for this lesson is “Top 10 Must-Know Prepositions and Conjunctions for English Learners.” Let's get started.
“To.” “I threw the ball to my dad.” “To” is sort of directional. It's saying that it's going towards something. “I wrote a letter to my mother.” “I went to the mall.” “I went to the park.” “My mom asked me to go to the store to buy some bread.” To a destination, to a person.
“From.” “From” is the opposite of “to.” “From” implies where it's coming from, the place of origin. So, if I'm going to the mall, I'm coming from my house. “This letter is from my daughter.” “From.” “How long does it take you to get from your house to your job?” “To” and “from,” they go together.
“With.” “With,” it means together with something. “I am at the movies with my friend.” “I went out to eat with my friends.” “I go shopping with my boyfriend.” “With” means you are together with something. “I like to have grilled cheese with tomatoes on it.” “I'm here with my book.”
“At.” “At” is a very short word. “I always go to bed at 11 o'clock.” If I'm lucky. I usually go to bed at around one in the morning, unfortunately. I get very little sleep. “At” specifies a time or a place. “Let's go to the movies at 2:00 in the afternoon.” “I'm at home right now. Where are you?” “We decided to meet at the beach.” It's a pinpoint of time or location.
“In.” “In” means you are inside of something or in the middle of something. It means being immersed in something. “I am in bed right now.” “The cat is in the box.” “The child is in the tree.” “The plane is in the sky.” “I graduated school in 2019.” “In.”
“On.” “I left the book on my desk.” “On” means on top of. “I like ketchup on my fries.” So, that means my French fries are here and I like to put ketchup on them. “The man is on the roof.” “The car is on the street.” “The motorcycle is on my nerves.”
“But.” “I think I remember her name, but I'm not sure.” “But” is a way to add a negative to a sentence. So, for example, “I really love eating cake, but I don't eat it often because it's not healthy.” “I'd love to go to the movies with you, but I have too much work to do.” “I really like you, but I don't want to date you.”
“And.” “And” is a very common word you will hear all the time. It's a way of adding on a new subject or thing to your sentence. “I love candy and pizza.” “I'm hungry and I'm tired.” “My friend moved to Spain and I moved to Canada.” “I love playing outside and I love being inside.” “And” is a way to add on a new subject or thing to what you're talking about.
“So.” “I have a toothache, so I went to the dentist.” “So” is a way of adding, an example, another way to say, “Because of this, I did this.” You say something and then you add “so” and then what follows is the effect. So, there's the cause, so the effect. “So.” “I was feeling very hungry, so I had some pizza.” This video is going to be pizza-themed, everyone, apparently. “I was really tired, so I took a nap.” “I was in the mood for some adventure, so I got on an airplane and flew to Mexico.” That sounds nice.
“Or.” “Or” is a way of presenting a choice. For example, “You can either have pizza or you can have candy.” “I don't know if I should go to the movies or if I should go to the mall.” “Which color do you like better, red or green?” It presents differences of choice.
That brings us to the end of today's lesson, “Top 10 Must-Know Conjunctions and Prepositions for English Learners.” If you guys have any questions or comments, post them below. Don't forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. And don't forget to go to EnglishClass101.com to learn more English.
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