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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Bridget and welcome to today's lesson. The topic for this lesson is, “Top 10 Airports in the United States.” Let's get started.
Hartsfield-Jackson. Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the United States. This airport is so popular not because everyone flies to be in Georgia, but because a lot of different flights connect there. It's very popular for connecting flights.
Los Angeles International. Los Angeles International, also known as LAX in Los Angeles, California. If you go to LAX, you may see a celebrity. This is the main airport in LA, in Los Angeles. And, a lot of times when you see famous people getting photographed at the airport, they are at LAX.
O'Hare International. O'Hare International in Chicago, Illinois. “I flew into O'Hare to see the Cubs play.” A lot of people know this baseball team as the team that never won the World Series, but recently, last year, for the first time in over 100 years, the Cubs won the World Series. So, they are no longer known, lovingly, as failures. This is the airport for Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, known as the “Windy City.”
Dallas/Fort Worth International. This is the airport for Dallas, Texas. A lot of cowboys can be seen at Dallas/Fort Worth International. You would fly here to see Dallas, to drive around Texas, maybe go to some barbecues, maybe see a rodeo. I have never been to Texas, so this might just be a bunch of stereotypes that do not actually exist in this area. But, I've heard Texas is a very fun place. “Everything is bigger in Texas,” as they say.
San Francisco International. This airport is located in San Francisco, California. Fly into San Francisco International Airport if you want to visit one of the most expensive cities in America. San Francisco is known both for being a very beautiful city with cool architecture and the Golden Gate Bridge and trolleys and winding streets, but it's also known for being very, very expensive to live there.
Charlotte Douglas International. This airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte Douglas Airport is the second biggest airport in the Southeast.
McCarran International. This airport is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. McCarran International is the airport you would fly into to go to all the casinos in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a very fun city if you're over 21. Because in America, you have to be 21 years or older in order to drink and gamble. So, the McCarran International Airport is where you would fly into in order to go and hit up The Strip. You'd see the Luxor, the Bellagio, my personal favorite, The Venetian. You'd see great shows and have a lot of fun partying. Fly into McCarran International Airport.
Orlando International. This Airport is in Orlando, Florida. Orlando International Airport is popular with families flying to Orlando to go to Disney World. Yeah. One of the best places on earth. Orlando is a very fun city because it has Disney World and it also has Universal Studios. So these are two great theme parks, so much fun, amazing rides. And if you're at Disney, you'll be in the happiest place on earth having amazing fun with your Disney pals, you fly into Orlando International Airport. I am not being paid to say this. I just love Disney.
John F. Kennedy International. Also known as JFK. This is in New York, New York. A lot of people flying from abroad to New York City will land in JFK Airport. It's a very popular airport, it's the airport I most often use living in New York City. This Airport isn't in Manhattan proper but it's in one of the boroughs and you can get to it just by taking the subway, so it's very convenient for a lot of people, especially the people who live in New York City.
Honolulu International. This airport is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii. When you get off the plane at Honolulu International, they give you a flower necklace also known as a lei. Just the idea of this is stirring up feelings of vacation and warmth and pig roast and surfing. I don't surf. ♪ Oh, we're going to the hukilau ♪ So, that's an actual song, I'm not making this up. If you are flying into Honolulu International, you know you are in for an amazing time. A lot of people go to Hawaii on vacation and it's amazing. So, Honolulu International.
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Yay. ♪ Oh, we're going to the hukilau, The huki huki, huki huki, huki hukilau. ♪