Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! It’s Christine.
Welcome back to another episode of Top Words.
Today, we’ll be talking about 10 reasons to start learning a language.
Let’s go!
1. It’s a beautiful language!
Every language has specific characteristics and some people like the way certain languages sound. Some languages might sound better to you than others.
2. My family comes from a place where the language is spoken.
For many people, their cultural heritage is very important to them. If your family speaks another language, you might not be able to talk to some of your relatives or fully understand your background, so many people try to learn the language of the place they descended from.
3. I love the culture and the people who speak the language.
If you’re really interested in a specific country and its culture, this can be a great reason to learn a language. It’s also shown that being interested in a culture motivates language learners to work harder and get better results.
4. I just love learning languages!
Some people learn because they have to, and some people just learn because they find it interesting. Learning a language takes time and effort and some people love the challenge.
5. The language is useful for my job.
Gaining new skills is important for many professionals. Being able to speak another language can potentially help your business make more money and maybe even get you a promotion.
6. I live in a country that speaks the language.
Living in a country and not being able to speak the language can be hard. Learning the language of the place you live can help you make friends, get a job, and have an easier life!
7. I want to open my mind and become more international.
For many people, feeling connected to other cultures and broadening their horizons is especially important. Learning a new language can change how you interact with the world.
8. I want to understand my favorite songs, movies and TV shows.
If you’re really into a culture, learning that culture’s language can help you enjoy even more. Learning a new language can add depth to your appreciation of a culture.
9. I love traveling!
People who have been bitten by the travel bug, but traveling to a place where you don’t know the language can be hard. For example, if you can speak Spanish, there are so many different countries you can visit.
10. It’s part of my university studies.
Most universities require you to take language class for a few semesters to graduate, but it doesn’t have to feel like work. Learning a language for university can open great opportunities in the future.
Okay! That’s the end of this topic.