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Lesson Transcript

I'm ready. I'm ready to talk about beauty and skincare on the Internet. Okay.
Hi, everybody, and welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha and today we're going to talk about “10 Words for Talking about Beauty and Skincare.” So, let's begin.
Alright. The first word is “makeup.” “Makeup” is all makeup, everything we're going to talk about, almost everything we're going to talk about later is makeup. Makeup is usually used by women, but maybe men use makeup too. Makeup is usually put on the face to change the appearance of the face in some way. So, in a sentence, “I use makeup almost every day,” or “I wear makeup almost every day.” “Use” and “wear” are both okay.
The next word is “eyeshadow.” So, eyeshadow is makeup which goes on top of the eye, So, the eyelid. This part is called your eyelid, eyes shadow goes here on top of the eyelid. So, in a sentence, “What kind of eye shadow do you use?”
The next word is “eyeliner.” “Eyeliner” is used to draw a line, to draw lines near the eyes. That means it's safe to use near eyes. But it depends on the person and their style, but maybe they use eyeliner to make lines in different ways on their face near their eyes. In a sentence, “Eyeliner is really difficult to put on.”
Okay. The next word is “lipstick.” “Lipstick,” there's also lip gloss too. Lipstick is kind of the traditional, just like a single color and you apply it just on your lips and it gives sometimes shiny, sometimes a very neutral. It depends on the lipstick. Lip gloss gives lips like this very glossy almost like liquidy appearance. So, lipstick and lip gloss have different effects. In a sentence, “You have a lot of lipstick.”
The next expression is “foundation.” “Foundation” is the makeup product, it is applied to the skin usually of the face. So, it's used to make the face seem like all one color, foundation. Maybe people apply it with, I don't know, like a spongy thing or with their hands or a brush?
There's like a--I forgot what it's called.
Isn’t like a sponge? I don't know. Something.
Is it a beauty blender?
Is that a thing?
I think so. I don't know. I don't know. I'm the wrong person to –
I don't know, is it a beauty lender a thing? I'm not very good at the beauty stuff either. Anyway, a foundation is intended to make your skin color appear even. Foundation. It's called foundation because it's like the base, the foundation for the rest of your makeup. So, the foundation is the kind of the basis. So, once your skin color is all correct and the same, then the other parts, we can fix the other parts. That's my theory anyway. In a sentence, “There are a few different types of foundation.”
Alright. The next expression is “blush.” Blush is usually applied on your cheeks and it's like a pink or red color. It gives the appearance of blushing. So, when we feel embarrassed or maybe we feel excited, our cheeks might turn red. So, blush is makeup which creates that effect of blushing. This is usually a pink or red color to simulate, to make it look like you're blushing even if you're not really. In a sentence, “Do you wear blush?”
The next expression is “bronzer.” “Bronzer.” We talked about blush which is supposed to give your skin the appearance of being pink or blushing, bronzer gives skin the appearance of being more bronze or more tan. So, you can apply this maybe in summer and it makes your skin look a little more tan which you might like. Other people also may use bronzer to create shadows because it makes the skin a little bit darker in the places where it's applied. So, there are a few different ways to use bronzer. In a sentence, “Bronzer is nice in summer.”
The next word is “face wash.” This is a special soap that's for your face, specifically for the face. Maybe your face is very sensitive or you have some trouble spots or, I don't know. There's a specific wash you use for your face only. In a sentence, “A good face wash is important for clear skin.”
Oh, the next word, oh, and the dreaded. I have a couple words here that are maybe problems all of us deal with. The first kind of problem word on this list is “acne.” “Acne” is an uncountable noun. “Acne” refers to--usually this is a problem happens for like teenagers or people around that age, but adults can also have acne. Acne is like imperfections in the skin, sometimes they're itchy or they're painful red bumps on your skin or maybe they're not painful, but they're just blotches or a number of different ways that acne can be an issue which we'll talk about in the next word too. But “acne” is an uncountable noun, it's just about that problem, skin problem in general. Acne, bad acne. In a sentence, “I had acne when I was a teenager.”
So, the next word for today, there are two words here, there's “pimple” and “zit.” These are both words we use to refer to the individual parts of acne. Acne, we can say, “I have bad acne,” or maybe “My acne is improving today.” But acne is maybe the whole condition of your face, like everything, if their face is a situation. Each part, each one of those little problem spots, we call that a “pimple” or a “zit.” The difference, pimple sounds a little bit smaller usually, zit sounds a bit bigger and maybe more painful. Either way, “pimples” and “zits” are both words we can use to describe acne. So, in a sentence, “I hate getting pimples.”
That's the end. So, those are “10 Words That You Can Use to Talk About Beauty and Skincare.” I hope that they were useful for you. If you have any other words you're curious about with regard to this topic, please let us know in the comment section. Please make sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already.
Thanks very much for watching this episode of Top Words. Check us out for more stuff at EnglishClass101.com. I will see you again soon, thanks for watching. Bye-bye.