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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody and welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha and today, we're going to talk about 10 Words You Can Use Over Breakfast. I'm excited. Let's go.
"To make coffee/to brew coffee." The first word is "to make or to brew coffee." We use the verb, "to make coffee," that's fine. You can also use the word "brew," the verb "brew" for coffee. You can use the word "brew" for beer as well, interestingly. "To make coffee or to brew coffee." In a sentence, "I love making coffee in the morning." That's true. It smells so good.
"Eggs-poached, scrambled, over easy." The next word is actually three words. You get a bonus here, it's a three-for-one deal with this one, "eggs." We have "eggs." I have three common ways that you can prepare eggs for breakfast. We have poached, scrambled, and over easy. Poached eggs are eggs which are cooked at a low boil, a low temperature, submerged in a liquid. You can poach eggs in water, you can poach eggs in oil, you can poach eggs in tomato sauce. You cook them in a liquid at a low temperature until they are finished. Delicious. Scrambled eggs. To scramble means to mix something up a lot, to scramble. Eggs in a frying pan, mixed up a lot, you can toss in cheese, salt, pepper, or something spicy, whatever. Scrambled eggs are mixed up in a frying pan. Over easy eggs, then, maybe you've seen, maybe, I don't know, graphics, maybe we'll have a graphic, I don't know. It's usually in a circular shape, the white part of the egg is cooked until white and the center part remains that bright orange or yellow color. Those are usually just set in a pan or set on a griddle and cooked until finished. That style is called over easy eggs. We have poached eggs, scrambled eggs, over easy eggs. In a sentence, "I love scrambled eggs."
"Bacon." The next word is "bacon." Bacon is a very popular American breakfast food. We can have a thick-sliced bacon or thin-sliced bacon. Everybody has a slightly different preference, I think. Of course, some people don't like bacon. I do. I love it. In a sentence, "Crispy bacon is extra delicious." Yeah, bacon with maple syrup on it, too. I'll cook it.
"To make toast/to toast bread." The next expression is "to make toast" or "to toast bread." Toast is toasted bread, bread which has been toasted. The act of toasting something is applying heat until it changes quality, it becomes crispier. We can say "to make toast" or "to toast bread." Think about that for a second. You can toast, pretty much, any bread. You can toast it in a toaster or you can use an oven to make toast. If you like, you can put some oil in a pan and toast your bread that way too. It is delicious. I love doing that oil in a pan. In a sentence, "I like toasting different kinds of bread."
"Blender." The next word is "blender." Blender. You might also say "mixer." A blender is a machine many people have in their kitchen. You can put vegetables or other ingredients inside, put the lid on, and hit a button, and everything is mixed together, blended together. You can use it to make a smoothie, for example, in the morning. In a sentence, "I use my blender to make all kinds of things."
"Smoothie." The next word is "smoothie." Smoothies are a popular way to start in the morning in many countries, I think. Smoothies are often vegetable or fruit-based drinks. They can be really thick smoothies or a really watery, I suppose. It depends on your preference. I like fruit-based smoothies with, maybe, yogurt included in them. I think that tastes pretty good. You can use peanut butter. I really want to make a tahini smoothie. Tahini is sesame paste. It has this peanut buttery nuttiness about it, but it's like hardier. It's so good. You use it, you can make falafel with it, you can make hummus with it. It's really good. I love tahini. Yeah, I really want to make a smoothie with tahini. In a different sentence, "Some people start the day with a smoothie."
"Bagel and cream cheese." Okay, the next word or the next phrase is "bagel and cream cheese." This is a quintessential. Quintessential means classic of something. This is a quintessential quick U.S. style breakfast. New York, as well, New York is famous for its bagels. People like to put cream cheese on their bagels. It's like a fatty spread, creamy spread, that's really, really delicious. This is a good, quick breakfast. Just cut a bagel, put some cream cheese on it, and you can eat it, maybe, while you're driving to work. It's very, very popular, especially in New York City, I think. In a sentence, "A bagel and cream cheese is a quick breakfast."
"Cereal." The next word is another very popular breakfast item, "cereal." Cereal. There are lots of different kinds of cereal. You can have granola or grain-based cereals, like cornflakes or, maybe, wheat something. Wheat Thins is a popular cereal, or it was. I find I don't really like cereals very much because they tend to have a lot of sugar in them. It's sugar primarily and then some other stuff. I don't really like that. There are a lot of different types of cereal, some have dried fruit, whatever. You can find a kind that you like. In a sentence, "Lots of people like to have cereal with milk for breakfast."
"Hashbrowns." All right. The next word, oh, one of my personal favorites, hashbrowns. Hashbrowns are shredded potatoes that are fried into, well, a variety of different shapes; but they're made crispy. They're crispy morning potatoes and I love them so much. They're delicious. I found a video on how to make them really, really good. I really want to try. Anyway, hashbrowns are very popular, especially on Sunday brunch. I feel like I love them. In a sentence, "Making hashbrowns is a great Sunday morning activity."
"To reheat." Okay. The next expression is "to reheat." We've seen this prefix "re" before. "Re" means to do again. "Reheat," where "heat" means to heat up or to apply heat to something. To reheat something, it means to heat again a food you had before. For example, I'm going to reheat my pizza for lunch today. Pizza you had before, you heat it up again to eat it later. In a sentence, "I reheated quiche for my breakfast today."
That's the end. Those are 10 words that you can use over breakfast. If there are different breakfast foods that you like, or if you have any questions or comments, please be sure to let us know in the comment section of this video. Thanks very much for watching this episode of Top Words and we'll see you again soon. Bye!