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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody and welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha and today we're going to talk about "10 Words That You Can Use at a Bar." Let's go.
"To buy a round." The first expression is "to buy a round." "To buy a round" means to buy a round of drinks, essentially. "A round of drinks" means one drink for everyone in your group, one drink for everyone in your party. By the way, the word "party" is used to mean group at a bar or restaurant. The number of people in your party is the number of people in your group. So, "to buy a round" means to buy a drink for everybody. In a sentence, "Our boss began the party by buying everyone a round." In a different sentence, "You're buying the next round."
"On the rocks." The next expression is "on the rocks." "On the rocks" is a way to order a drink. When you say "on the rocks," it means your drink on ice only. So, "rocks" are the ice in your glass. So, you can imagine the ice, the pieces of ice in your glass, the ice cubes or an ice ball, these are like rocks. So, saying, "I'd like whisky," for example "on the rocks" means just whisky served over ice, that's what "on the rocks" mean. So, in a sentence, "I'd like a gin, on the rocks."
"Straight up." The next expression is "straight up." So a "straight up" drink is different from an "on the rocks" drink. A "straight up" drink is chilled with ice, but it's strained, so there's no ice in the drink, but it has been chilled with ice. So, a "straight up" drink, there's nothing else in the glass, but it is a chilled drink. In a sentence, "I'd like a martini, straight up." Some people use the word "straight" or "straight up" but they mean "neat," which is the next word we're going to talk about. So, keep in mind "straight" or "straight up" means chilled, that's one of the key points here. So, yeah, a martini, straight up is a chilled martini.
"Neat." So, the next expression is "neat." To order a drink "neat" means the drink is not chilled and there is no ice. It's just the alcohol, it's just the liquor, there's nothing special about it. A "neat" drink is only the drink. That's it, nothing happens to it. So, in a sentence, "I'd like a whiskey, neat."
"Pint/half pint." The next expression is really two expressions, these are words you use when you order beer; they are "pint" and "half pint." Depending on the country that you live in, pint can be a different size they vary by a few milliliters depending on the country where you live in. A half pint then is roughly half of the pint size. So, a "half pint" and a "pint" are two ways, two sizes we use to order beer. In a sentence, "Can I have a half pint of the stout?"
"Chaser." The next expression is "chaser." So, a "chaser" is something you use to follow an alcoholic drink. Chasers are often used after shots, so "shots" are small drinks that are usually kind of strong in alcohol content and they have a very strong taste. So, some people like to have something after that and they call it a "chaser." So, the image is that the second drink is chasing the first drink into your body. You can think of it that way. The chaser is a non-alcoholic drink, so it could be water, it could be soda, it could be something like that, juice maybe. Uh-hmm. So, chaser. In a sentence, "Shots of tequila are often followed with chasers."
"To be tipsy." The next word is "to be tipsy." "To be tipsy" is a way to describe your feeling when you're drinking. So, if you can imagine when you're standing straight up, when you're standing and it's regular, you're very like confident and tall and you don't move very much. But if you feel "tipsy," this comes from the verb "to tip," like this. So, something tips to one side or another. Think of your body in this way. So, we use the word "tipsy," the adjective, "tipsy" to describe this feeling. Maybe you're not so steady on your feet, you could tip over at any time, that's called being tipsy from alcohol. Okay. So, in a sentence, let's see, "I'm a little tipsy. I need some water."
"To be drunk." The next expression is "to be drunk." So, we talked about the word "tipsy," so "tipsy" is a little bit like a little unsteady, but "drunk" is just a mess. You're just a disaster, I mean, you're being noisy, you're being loud, it's difficult to control your body or your friends' body, whatever. So, "drunk" is usually a seen as a negative thing. So, yeah, so "drunk" expresses--yeah, it's just not pretty sometimes. So, in a sentence, "Your friend is drunk. Let's take him home."
"To call it a night." The next expression is "to call it a night." "To call it a night" means to decide to finish at the bar, to go home. You're ready to be done. So, here I'm going "to call it," I'm going to say, "This is tonight." "Tonight is finished." Uh-hmm. So, in a sentence, "It's been a long evening. I'm going to call it a night," I mean I'm going to go home. I'm done. It's a casual expression.
"Hangover." And then, one more that you can use maybe the day after you visit a bar is "hangover." So a "hangover" is a noun. "Hangover" is the word we use to describe the feelings after drinking too much. So, maybe you feel sick to your stomach, you have a headache, your body is sore. There are a number of different feelings you might have when you feel hung over. "To be hungover" is another way to say it. But when you have a hangover, it usually doesn't feel very good. In a sentence, "I have a hangover today. I'm not going drinking tonight."
Alright. So, that's the end. Those are "10 Words That You Can Use at The Bar." If you have any questions or if there are other words that you like to use when you go out for drinks, let us know in the comments. Please be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and make sure to check us out at EnglishClass101.com for more good stuff. Thanks very much for watching this episode of Top Words and we will see again soon. Bye.