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Lesson Transcript

"I'm a writer."
That statement is almost as scary to utter and almost as misunderstood as "I'm an artist." Saying that you are writer out loud takes a level of courage that many who write do not have. The problem is that if you don't make money writing, then other members of society do not consider you to be a writer. If you have not published something in a form that they recognize, you are also not considered to be a writer.
Saying "I am a writer" means that writing is your job. You do it every day. It is not a hobby or pastime. But I can tell you that there are many, many writers out there who have never made a dime from their writing and who have never published a single thing.
It is a strange life, the creating of worlds and characters who lay dead on the page because no one ever reads them and brings them to life. For it is not in the writing that a writer takes the most pleasure. It is in the different interpretations and reactions of the reader, the dialogue created between the writer, the text, and the reader, that the writer finds joy.
Imagine a painter whose work never makes it into a gallery, whose workspace fills up with the images his mind dreams up. There lay the canvases, gathering dust. It is a solemn place, almost like a cemetery.
You might be thinking, well, that writer/painter must not be any good. And, I must confess, in some cases that is probably true. But not always. The next time someone tells you he's a writer, ask to read something he's written and really read it. Talk to him about it. Believe me, you'll make his day.