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Lesson Transcript

When I was growing up, doughnuts were a special treat, and Winchell's made the best doughnuts. The store was small and yellow with tall windows and a gigantic, revolving doughnut on the roof. Once, a chunk of the doughnut fell off, and it looked like some fairy-tale giant had taken a bite on his way through Los Angeles.
I can remember the way it smelled when you opened the door…fresh dough, hot grease, sugar glaze, and fresh brewed coffee. The glass display cases were always stocked full of warm doughnuts…chocolate, crullers, éclairs, bears claws, blueberry, and my personal favorite, apple fritters. There was something about apple pie filling stuffed into mounds of sugary bread that was deep-fried and coated in glaze that I could not resist. Winchell's was doughnut heaven.
I take my daughter to Starbucks about once a week for a treat. She enjoys their organic chocolate milk while I sip my four-dollar coffee. On a recent excursion, I discovered that they had started stocking apple fritters fresh from some local bakery. I was almost afraid to order one for fear of it ruining my childhood memories and not living up to Winchell's. I have to admit, the Starbucks version is not nearly as large (or am I just bigger?), nor is it as good as my memory. But it is close.
I wonder whether my daughter will come to remember Starbucks this way. Will she remember the smell of brewing coffee, hot milk, and pastries with a nostalgic fondness? Will she remember the green sign with the white outline of a face the way I remember the revolving doughnut? I certainly hope so.