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Lesson Transcript

Christmas Decorating
My husband was sullen.
"It's seventy-five degrees," he said.
I sat on the porch of my brother's home in Southern California, basking in the afternoon sun.
"It's supposed to be cold," he said.
I nodded."It's California," I said.
My husband is from eastern North Carolina, and to him, Christmas should involve a jacket and gloves, not shorts and t-shirts.
"And they don't even have a tree," he said.
I nodded.
In addition to it being warm outside on Christmas Eve, when we arrived at my brother and sister-in-law's house that morning, we were greeted by what appeared to be a dead tree in a pot with a few plastic ornaments hanging from it. They do not celebrate Christmas, but they wanted to make my husband feel comfortable. Being practical, they bought a monkey puzzle tree that they would later plant in the yard and decorated that.
"No point in buying a dead tree that's just going to go to the landfill," my brother said when my husband pointed, gaping at their "Christmas tree."
I knew what my husband was thinking. His family would, at that very moment, be sitting around a gigantic pine tree decked out in matching white and red ornaments and thousands of tiny white lights. Their coats would be hanging from the coat rack at the front door.
At my brother's front door, there were several pairs of flip-flops.
Our own tree was fully decorated and probably being climbed by our cat.
"We're leaving the tree up until after New Year's, right?" he asked.
I nodded, smiling.
What holiday do you associate with this time of year?