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Lesson Transcript

Top 10 American Movies - The Sound of Music
"The Sound of Music" is an American musical film released in 1965. The basic plotline begins with a nun, Maria reconsidering committing to a life in the abbey. Her life is transformed when the nuns receive a request for a governess from navy captain Georg von Trapp. Maria takes the position on a probationary basis. At the von Trapp estate, Maria finds that the captain is a strict disciplinarian who runs his home like a military base.
After a cold welcome, the seven children warm up to Maria when she teaches them how to sing.
When the Captain returns home after a month, he is appalled to find his children wearing clothes made from old drapes instead of their uniforms. Infuriated, he tells Maria to return to the abbey. However, when he hears his children sing to welcome his girlfriend, a baroness, the Captain realizes Maria has brought music to his home and begs her to stay.
At a subsequent party to celebrate the baroness, her friend Max Detweiler recognizes the children's singing talent and enters them in a music festival he is organizing in Salzburg. During the party, Maria enjoys a dance with the Captain that ends in a romantic embrace, laying the foundation for a more significant relationship.
Eventually, the Captain and Maria admit they love each other and marry. While they honeymoon, Max prepares the children to perform at the festival. Meanwhile, the Nazis annex Austria. When the Captain returns home, he is told to report to the Nazi headquarters. The Captain, who disagrees with the Nazis, stalls by saying he must be in Salzburg to perform with his family. At the festival, the von Trapps perform in an act choreographed to let them leave the stage—and ultimately the country—as they sing. Finally, they escape into Switzerland.