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Lesson Transcript

Top 10 US Destinations — What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas
The city of Las Vegas is known for its active nightlife and numerous casinos, but taking a trip to "Sin City" is about much more than just gambling and other behaviors of questionable morality. The entertainment level is very high in Vegas, which means everyone can find something to do.
Of course the first thing we all think about with Vegas is the casinos. A night at a casino hotel in the city can be quite pricey, but it comes with all the luxury you can imagine, whether it's a relaxing day at the spa or a fine dining experience you will never forget. The Bellagio, which is located right on the Vegas Strip, has won the AAA Five Diamond Award for the tenth time. In addition to gambling, you'll find a relaxing pool, a wedding chapel, and Shadow Creek, which is one of the most exclusive golf courses in the United States. Most of the casino hotels have similar offerings, making them entertainment destinations that are about much more than just gambling.
Vegas is also known for the numerous shows that go on every night there. Broadway is no longer the only place to catch incredible performances. With shows by Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil, and numerous others, anyone who's craving a taste of theater or music can experience a show that will take their breath away. Most shows are performed on custom-built stages that create a spectacle of lights, fire, smoke, and sound.
There are even kids' activities in Vegas, including Adventuredome, which is full of rides and attractions, the Aquarium at the Silverton, and more. Las Vegas is truly more than what the "Sin City" nickname insinuates about it. It's about entertainment and simply getting away from it all for a time of relaxation and recreation in a vibrant city atmosphere.