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Lesson Transcript

Top 10 US Destinations - The Grand Canyon, a Breathtaking Experience
The Grand Canyon is as immense and as overwhelming as it is beautiful. It's a picturesque landscape that simply takes your breath away. According to the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon is 277 river miles long, a mile deep, and up to eighteen miles wide. Almost five million people see the Grand Canyon every year, and the one view we've all seen on television or in books is the view from the South Rim, which includes Hermit's Rest, Desert View, and Grand Canyon Village. A few people see the Grand Canyon from the North Rim, which is across from the South Rim but is a thousand feet above it. It's much more difficult to get up to the North Rim, which is why so few people take the trek up there.
Seeing the Grand Canyon is about much more than just taking in a gorgeous view. There are plenty of outdoor activities for any family to enjoy. You can take a mule ride to Phantom Ranch or ride the Colorado River through the canyon, but be prepared for a lengthy river trip because some can take several weeks to complete.
There is some lodging available inside the park at the South Rim, although it's booked well in advance. There are also some options available right outside the park, and a free shuttle service is available to carry you from these accommodations to the park. For those who really want to enjoy the great outdoors, the main campground is located in the South Rim. There is also a North Rim campground for true adventurers who want to brave the hike up to those heights.
The Grand Canyon fulfills a sense of adventure everyone experiences, whether young or old. The shuttle service at the park makes it easy for anyone to take in these breathtaking views.