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Top US 10 Cities and Regions - Seattle
The city of Seattle, Washington is the largest city in the state. Seattle encompasses 142 square miles, of which 58 square miles are water. This city is located 113 miles south of the U.S.-Canadian border, making it the northernmost major city in the continental United States. Seattle's nickname is "The Emerald City" in reference to the lush evergreen forests native to the area.
The climate of the Pacific Northwest is generally wet with an average yearly precipitation of around thirty-seven inches. The rainiest months are between January and May and between October and December, with June, July, and August being the warmest and driest months.
The population of Seattle as of the 2010 census was 608,660.
The citizens of Seattle have a reputation for being big coffee drinkers, and three coffee companies were founded or based in this city, including Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee (a subsidiary of Starbucks), and Tully's. Three large companies (Amazon.com, Starbucks, and Nordstrom) are currently headquartered in Seattle. Prior to moving its headquarters to Chicago, aerospace manufacturer Boeing was the largest company in the area. There are still several large aircraft manufacturing plants in neighboring cities.
Seattle is home to several professional sports teams, including the Seattle SuperSonics (basketball), Seattle Mariners (baseball), Seattle Sounders (soccer), and Seattle Seahawks (football). This city also has several parks, artistic, and cultural institutions. In addition, there are over 150 listings on the National Register of Historic Places in the city. This area is also known for its beautiful mountain and water views, which can be seen from the Columbia Tower and Smith Tower Observation Decks. Famous Seattle icons include the Space Needle, Original Starbucks, Bill Gates House, and many others.
Seattle is also home to the University of Washington, which is a highly respected research university, as well as several smaller private colleges and a number of art colleges.