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Lesson Transcript

Top 10 US Holidays—Easter
In the United States, Easter is generally celebrated as a day of feasting with family. Some Christians still focus their observation of the day on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the entire country still typically celebrates the day with family, whether or not they observe Jesus's resurrection.
Each year the exact date of Easter changes because the date is figured out through the use of a lunar calendar. In short, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first time the moon is full after the equinox in March. This places the holiday any time throughout the months of March or April. Americans typically have to check their calendar just to see when Easter will be for that year.
Christians who are observing Christ's resurrection attend special Easter church services, some of which are held at sunrise. The secular side of the holiday is punctuated by coloring Easter eggs. The eggs are generally hard boiled and dyed with various colors, although they can still be eaten later. Easter egg hunts are also very common, and children enjoy looking for the eggs outside. Children typically look forward to the visit of the Easter Bunny, who traditionally brings chocolate eggs and other candy in an Easter basket.
Family feasts on Easter are traditionally celebrated with a ham, although other meals are also common, like turkey. The holiday is not recognized as a federal holiday, most likely because it falls on Sunday, a day when most people are already off of work anyway.