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Lesson Transcript

This Advanced audio blog is entirely in British English. You’ll find the transcript of the audio blog in the first comment of this blog.
Top 10 Cities and Areas of Interest in the UK - London
London, Home of Kings, Queens, Sherlock Holmes and Paddington Bear.This vibrant and cosmopolitan city is the bustling capital of the United Kingdom.Steeped in two millennia of tradition and history, it is now home to over 8 million people.Boasting four World Heritage sites alongside world-class museums and art galleries, Buckingham Palace alone attracts over 15 million international visitors each year.A mixture of people and cultures, over 300 languages are now spoken within London's boundaries.Step onto the Underground, the oldest underground railway network in the world, to whisk you away for some retail therapy on Bond Street or to a top West End show in Piccadilly Circus.A ride on a red double decker bus is a must, to see the sights from the changing guards of Buckingham palace to a glance at the infamous Tower of London which imprisoned disgraced royalty throughout its centuries-old history.A boat trip on the river Thames, which twists through the heart of the city, will bring you face to face with some of the capital's top attractions like Canary Wharf, the retired battle-cruiser HMS Belfast; St Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe, and the Tate Modern.London is a city that never sleeps, and thirsty night-owls can drink to their hearts' content in traditional English pubs.Have a pint and a game of darts with the locals, then head down to Brick Lane, the curry capital of the UK, for a spicy Vindaloo—voted the nation's favourite dish—instead.