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Lesson Transcript

With its rolling green hills and sparkling blue lakes, the Lake District is the quintessential English countryside.Inspiring the poetry of William Wordsworth and the enchanting children's stories and illustrations of Beatrix Potter, it continues to charm and delight the old and young alike.Located in the North West of England, and also commonly referred to as The Lakes, it is situated in the modern county of Cumbria and boasts the highest mountain in England, Scaféll Pike.This lush and mountainous region attracts over 15 million visitors a year, from family holidaymakers to avid trekkers.Designated a National Park in 1951, it is the most visited in the United Kingdom.A visit to Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in England, is like stepping into a traditional Victorian landscape painting.Wordsworth described its waters, bays and islands as "A universe of Nature's fairest forms."Cattle and sheep graze and wander through thatches, hedges, and fields.Villages and farms roll into the horizon.To stay in a traditional bed and breakfast, or in a luxury caravan in one of the many parks, is to experience nature at its finest.Home to a plethora of flora and fauna, the Lake District is a major sanctuary for the diminishing red squirrel population and has the largest numbers in the UK.Since the introduction of the gray squirrel to the British Isles, this newer species has largely replaced the indigenous red.The Park is also a refuge for a number of endangered species including the last breeding pair of Golden Eagles in the United Kingdom and the wild Fell ponies.