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Lesson Transcript

Trick or treat? Whoever chose the latter was going to be sorry.Decked out in macabre costumes, our gang of ghouls was on a mission to terrorise the neighborhood into giving us as much candy as possible.Dripping in fake red blood, plastic vampire teeth, witch's hats, and broomsticks, we looked as if we had just escaped from a horror movie.And armed with toilet paper rolls and eggs, we meant serious business.These are my childhood memories of Halloween.It was like a military operation; we would target the houses with the most decorations, and swap tips with other gangs of children.If jack-o'-lanterns glowered at the door, we were there.Our bags open and our faces contorted to the most devilish of grins.When the door opened we would raise our weapons and shout those three magic words.Most of the time we were spoilt for choice with chocolates, boiled sweets and candy in the shapes of monsters and small change, but occasionally we would get quite a different reception.Some of our neighbors positively hated Halloween.They would lock their children in their rooms, banning them from taking part."You should be ashamed, I won't have my children going from door to door like common beggars" they would shout, slamming the door in our faces, or threatening to call the police.Sometimes we would run away screaming, but if we felt brave and they had been particularly mean we would wait a while before our ringleader threw an egg at the front door, or we would decorate a tree outside their home in toilet paper.In all my years trick or treating I have to admit I never quite had the guts to throw an egg.Though I may have looked a fright, I was never a devil at heart, and was far more content at home, munching my way through the mountain of sweets I had accumulated and planning my costume for the following year.