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Lesson Transcript

"Ten...nine..." We look around anxiously for our friends and gather together."Eight...seven..." we drag the stragglers into our group and interlock hands. "Six... five..." We smile expectantly at each other in anticipation. "Four...three..." Everyone is chanting now in unison."Two...one!" A massive cheer erupts from the crowd. Glasses are raised, friends are hugged, cheeks kissed, and we wish all around us a "Happy New Year" as the clock strikes twelve. At outdoor celebrations, in the night sky fireworks erupt and the crowd looks up mesmerised. At home, families watch the countdown from their TV sets and hold hands. The chimes of Big Ben, the bell inside the famous Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament in London, echo from televisions across the land. Champagne and sparkling wine is uncorked and poured. In clubs, intoxicated partygoers toast the start of the New Year. In pubs, arms are interlocked and a rendition of Auld Lang Syne is sung, though nobody remembers the words. Good cheer flows between friends and strangers alike.The next morning hangovers are nursed, and relatives visit. It is a day to relax, and get over the excesses of the night before.Families come together to start preparing the New Year's Day dinner. Similar to a Christmas dinner, it includes roast meat, vegetables, and roast potatoes smothered in gravy. As schools, shops and large businesses are closed, there is little to do but vegetate in front of the TV or go for a family walk in the country or on the beach.