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Lesson Transcript

Shrove Tuesday, more commonly referred to as Pancake Day, is exactly as the name suggests. A day to wake up early in the morning, gather around the kitchen with your family and feast on pancakes until your stomach bursts.The main aim of the day is to eat as many pancakes as possible, with as many varied fillings. The most traditional pancake is a simple lemon and sugar affair, but only your imagination can limit your choice of fillings.From chocolate sauce and ice-cream to banana and honey, or even a savoury version like Marmite and cheese, you can be as inventive as you like. The celebration is the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, when many people give up a certain type of food for a period of time, or begin fasting. The tradition for pancakes began when people used to use up rich ingredients, like eggs, milk and sugar, before the start of the fast. In my family, one person—usually my dad—would be nominated as the pancake master. For about two hours he would stand in front of the stove and make pancakes non-stop, one after another.First of all, he had to make the batter out of milk, flour and eggs, whip it into a smooth and runny mix, and then pour it into a hot pan. When it had cooked on one side the trick was to flip it in the air without letting it drop, and catch it so that it landed in the pan on its other side. It was always great fun, and after many disastrous attempts we would finally get a few decent outcomes. Whatever happened, the pancakes never went to waste. There were always our pet dogs waiting in earnest for the opportunity to wolf down any failed attempts that landed on the kitchen floor. I am sure they looked forward to the day as much as we did!