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Lesson Transcript

February 14th will either fill you with smug joy or an underlying sense of dread. To be single on this day can be depressing. Watching happy couples stroll down the street, arm in arm, or enjoying a candlelit dinner together can be known to induce strong feelings of envy, as well as a distinct urge to break up the party for easily jealous souls. Valentine's Day is an occasion to shower your loved ones with cards, gifts, and presents. Traditionally the man would pay, but nowadays these customs are rapidly changing. If you happen to be missing a special someone in your life, this day can be a harsh reminder of your ready meals-for-one lifestyle that is seriously lacking some company. If you have a partner however, it is a time to pick out an expensive restaurant, choose the perfect gift, and wait to be showered with attention. A trip to the card shop to pick out a cheesy card covered in red hearts, and think of the perfect soppy message to write inside is mandatory. When thinking of presents, the usual red roses, box of chocolates and a cuddly toy will not go amiss for a traditional girl. If you are with someone with quirky tastes you may want to think of something more personal, from a skydive, to a comic tie; the sky's the limit. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, but is still a working day in all of them. It started as a Christian celebration to honor the saint Valentinus, who is famous for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Traditionally, handwritten cards were signed with the message "from your Valentine" in order to remain anonymous, but nowadays they have given way to mass-produced cards but are often signed with these same three words.