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Lesson Transcript

Mothers—you would think we could appreciate them more; the people who gave us life, and suffered for hours through agonising childbirth to bring us all into the world. But for most, the sad truth is it takes a certain day to make us sit up and show them a little love and respect. From a phone call, a bunch of flowers, or breakfast in bed, Mothering Sunday is the day on which to appreciate your old mum. And kids around the world, no matter how old, should stop complaining and start realising just how fabulous their mums really are! The point is to pamper her and spoil her rotten. Ignore those who tell you it's just become a publicity gimmick. They're just too tight to fork out the cash or spare the time! What you really need to do when the fourth Sunday in Lent rolls around is have a card, flowers, and surprise dinner arranged for your dear mum, and shower her with compliments and presents. Interestingly in the UK, the celebration of Mothering Sunday originally had an entirely different meaning. It was a day on which servants could have the day off to visit the main church, or "Mother Church" in their area, with their families. Over time however, the tradition morphed into making mum feel good. To be fair to its critics, it is true that UK-based merchants definitely had a commercial interest in popularising Mother's Day in the 1950s and turning it into the way we celebrate it today, but who can really argue against such sweet sentiment? After all we put them through, mums really do deserve at least one day to feel special, don't they?