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Lesson Transcript

Come rain or shine, you will never need a coat in Newcastle...that's if you want to fit in with the locals! Known as Geordies, Newcastle folk are considered some of the friendliest in the UK, but with working class roots forged in the coal mining and ship-building industries, they are also some of the toughest.A coat, even when it's snowing, would just make you soft, pet!Today Newcastle is a cultural city hotspot, famous for its many shops, restaurants, bars and legendary nightlife.Situated on the North bank of the River Tyne, and only nine miles from the North Sea, the beautiful Northumbrian coastline is an easily accessible and refreshing day trip.The beaches are pristine but it's a better idea to bring your dog than your swimsuit, unless you fancy braving chilly temperatures as low as 6 degrees in the winter!Football and beer are two great loves of this North Eastern city, so what better way to get in touch with the local culture than watch the Premier League team Newcastle United play at their home stadium, St James Park.Head on down to the pub afterwards to sample the local brew, Newcastle Brown Ale, to celebrate or commiserate over the outcome of the game!The Quayside is the perfect place for an evening stroll.Walk across the Millennium Bridge to nearby Gateshead and admire contemporary art in the Baltic, which hosted the Turner Prize in 2011.Feeling sporty? Every year Newcastle hosts the world's most popular half marathon.Known as the Great North Run, the race attracts both professional athletes as well as fundraisers who take part in fancy dress to raise money for charity.A quick trip to Gateshead is recommended to visit Antony Gormley's Angel of the North, a 20 metre high steel sculpture of an angel.Finished in 1998, she towers over the countryside, watching over the local population.With a wingspan of 50 metres, she has become a loved and respected icon of the North East of England.