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Lesson Transcript

If you are dreaming of leprechauns and four leaf clovers, then a trip to Belfast is well worth a visit.Commonly perceived as Britain’s friendliest folk, you are sure to be given a warm welcome in Northern Irelands small but proud capital city.Bursting with great shops, cool clubs, and delicious eateries, it will cater to every taste and budget.Local and international artists regularly perform at the Belfast Waterfront and the world-class Odyssey Arena.There are convenient walking, bus, and taxi tours to make sure you experience the top sights of the city that inspired the works of the Chronicles of Narnia and Gulliver’s Travels.Belfast is the city that built the Titanic, and now fans from across the world can visit the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience centre.Recently opened, it is the only place you can trace the story to its source and experience the pride and passion of the people that created her.At Rayanne House, the internationally renowned Titanic Tasting menu is available, which serves up the last meal the guests on the Titanic ate before the ship sank.The sumptuous menu boats nine delicious courses from the Edwardian era.At the Botanic Gardens, visitors can get lost in a maze of tropical plants.An important part of Belfast’s Victorian heritage, it includes the Palm House and the Tropical Ravine.To finish a busy day, a nightcap in a traditional Irish pub is a must.Order a pint of Guinness and put your feet up for a rest, or if an Irish song comes on then put your dancing shoes on and get up for a jig!