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Lesson Transcript

Colourful, bright and creative, Brighton offers the energy and vibrancy of a city as well as the laid back atmosphere of beach life.Located on the south coast of Great Britain, it is a popular beach summer holiday destination for day trippers and holidaymakers from England and beyond.Brighton beachfront is dominated by its famous pebble beach and framed by the architectural beauty of Regency Square and the crescents.It is the perfect spot to relax, play, and shop for the whole family.Have a go at some beach volleyball, or try your hand at one of the many watersports on offer.The seafront includes a mix of quirky artist shops alongside traditional seaside souvenir shops.The Fishing Quarters has its very own art trail, museum and Artists Quarter.The trendy bars and restaurants offer a wide range of drinks and cuisine, from local nosh to Italian, and more exotic fare.The Volks, England’s oldest electric railway, will take you to many superb destinations including the Sea Life Centre with its many sharks and underwater creatures, or to the green expanse of Hove Lawns and the watersports of its lagoon.Only a short walk away, Brighton Marina is full of expensive yachts, outlet shopping, sailing trips, casinos, and many bars and restaurants.Brighton has an unrivalled beach club scene, which is packed nightly.Even in winter, the beachfront is buzzing, which gives Brighton its unique party vibe.