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Lesson Transcript

The magnificent coastline of Cornwall wraps around this far west peninsula of Great Britain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.Stretching for almost 300 miles, Cornwall is loved for its dynamic shoreline.Memories of idyllic summer vacations will haunt holiday-makers for years to come.Cornwall is home to Great Britain's most southerly promontory, the Lizard, as well as the UK's most westerly point known as Land's End. Great waves and tremendous surf make it a playground for water sports, and surfers from across the country flock to ride the waves.To taste Cornish pasties and cream teas in their native setting is reason enough to visit, but West Cornwall now boasts a food scene that could rival London's.Foodies will relish the chance to fine dine in superb restaurants with locally sourced foods prepared by stellar chefs.Cornwall's history grows from Celtic roots and today remnants of the Cornish language, which was once spoken by its inhabitants centuries ago, can be discovered in the names of villages.The legacy of the Bronze Age litters the stunning surrounding Western countryside, where standing stones and giant granite burial chambers spot the rugged landscape.Holy wells and Celtic crosses can be found, keeping one step in the rich tapestry of its past.The Isles of Scilly, a small archipelago of islands off the Cornish coast, is considered the legendary home of King Arthur, a mythical figure from the past.The relatively warm climate of these islands, which were designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1975, can be enjoyed in the summer by a short boat trip from the main shore.Much of the land on the smaller inhabited islands is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a royal state that provides an income for the heir to the throne.It is also an occasional holiday spot for minor royalty.