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Lesson Transcript

Fancy wearing a kilt and sitting down for a dinner of haggis, tatties, and neeps? Then head to Scotland, and what better place to start than the historic capital of Edinburgh.Home of the Scottish Enlightenment, it is one of Europe's most beautiful cities.Complete with castle, dungeons, fantastic shopping, and a wealth of sights, Edinburgh is a place for culture vultures and shoppers alike.The largest city by area in the country, and with the second largest population, it is the seat of the Scottish parliament and lies in the southeast of Scotland, near the North Sea.Edinburgh Castle is a mighty fortress and world-famous attraction that dominates the city skyline.The atmospheric cobbled streets of Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage sight lined with stunning architecture, will transport you back to a time gone by.If you're travelling with young children, take a walk on the wild side at Edinburgh Zoo and make friends with the penguins.For whisky lovers a trip to the Scotch Whisky Experience is a must.Take a barrel-ride deep into the whisky process and sample the smoky and sweet flavors under expert tuition.The breathtaking St Giles' Cathedral is the main church of the Church of Scotland, with a gorgeous exterior and rich history.For a wind-down after a busy day, the Princes Street Gardens are a perfect place for an evening walk.An impeccably landscaped park and woodland, throughout December it is a winter wonderland complete with an outdoor ice-skating rink and a farmers' market bursting with Christmas treats.