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Lesson Transcript

Ryan: Hey everybody, and welcome to the last Alll About English lesson! The Best English Phrases - Learn Your English Teacher's Favorite Phrases! Iโ€™m Ryan.
Chihiro: Hey everybody, Iโ€™m Chihiro. You're almost through with the All About English lessons! Thanks for listening as always, and we hope you find this one useful.
Ryan: We'll tell you some general phrases that you'll hear from time to time in English, that we've picked out, because we either use them ourselves, or we hear them a lot!
Chihiro: Right, they're phrases used often so try some of them when you get the chance. What's the first one Ryan?
Ryan: Number One is "I See". This phrase means "I am listening to you" and "I understand what you are saying, but it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with you." It's a compact and useful phrase to know.
Chihiro: For example, "I see your point, but I don't really agree with you" means that the speaker understands but doesn't necessarily think that the other person is correct. We can also use it as an exclamation, as in "Oh, I see!" to mean that you understand.
Ryan: Okay, moving on, number Two is "By the Way"
Chihiro: This phrase allows you to change the topic of the conversation. We use it to tell the listener that you are going to go off topic without being rude.
Ryan: It's a common phrase people often utter because it is convenient and allows the speaker to swing the conversation onto something he or she wants to talk about.
Chihiro: Right, and the speaker usually says it in a light tone of voice. If I say for example, Ryan, have you had coffee yet?"
Ryan: No, not yet. Oh by the way, do you know the results of last night's game?
Chihiro: Ryan has just changed the topic abruptly, but not rudely. Okay, number three.
Ryan: "Give It a Go." This phrase does not mean to give something or to go somewhere, but it means "to try something" or "to attempt to do something."
Chihiro: If a person says this phrase to you, he or she is urging you to try something. We can also replace the word "go" with the word "shot," as in "give it a shot." Hey Ryan, give the next one a go!
Ryan: Sure, coming in at number four is "No Way!"
Chihiro: This is a strong expression. It means "definitely no!" Since it's a strong expression, it usually is accompanied by some feeling in the speaker's voice.
Ryan: You can also use it to express disbelief. For example, the sentence "There's no way you're going outside without cleaning up your room!" sounds like a parent telling a child that going outside without cleaning is a definite no.
Chihiro: Another example is "no way, the concert was postponed to next week!" In that case, the speaker is expressing disbelief.
Ryan: The last one we have for you is, "Come on!"
Chihiro: This phrase has many uses. You can say "come on" when you don't believe something, as in "Oh come on! I don't believe that!" Or you can use it in its literal sense, to tell somebody to come with you, as in "come on, let's get going."
Ryan: You can also use it when expressing frustration, as in "oh come on! Why won't you believe me? It wasn't me!"
Chihiro: Well said, do you use that one a lot Ryan?
Ryan: When the occasion calls for it.
Chihiro: Sure, right. Okay listeners, so there it is! Five phrases that are useful and common in the English language.
Ryan: Go ahead and try to use them next time you have a conversation. Thanks again everybody, bye for now!
Chihiro: See ya later!


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