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Lesson Transcript

Chihiro: Think You Can Answer These 5 Questions About the United States?
Ryan: Hey everybody, Ryan here in this lesson, we have something special for you!
Chihiro: A quiz! Which may have some of you thinking oh no~, but don’t worry. This will be a fun one.
Ryan: We’re not going to test out your English skills or anything like that yet.
Chihiro: Nope, these questions are all about English itself... well mostly American English because that’s the kind of Standard English Ryan and I use! This is so that you can get some more background about General American English and the country where it came from!
Ryan: Yes, because when you learn a language, it’s so much more than grammar and vocabulary, it’s learning about the people and culture itself!
Chihiro: And as much as we would like to explain all the different cultures in English, that would be way too much since it’s a language used in so many regions of the world.
Ryan: So we’ll just talk about what we’re most familiar with, American English.
Chihiro: So, get ready to take the quiz! If you pass you can go on to the next lesson!
Ryan: And if you don’t pass... you can still go on to the next lesson! So no pressure.
Chihiro: So are we ready?
Ryan: Okay, let’s get started!
Chihiro: Ryan, you’ll be the one taking the test!
Ryan: Me? Okay, well, I’ll do my best!
Chihiro: Okay, so here’s the first question, What’s the biggest state?
Ryan: Hmmm. Well, I’ve heard the quote ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ so I’ll go with Texas.
Chihiro: Close call. It’s actually Alaska. Texas is second.
Ryan: Oops.
Chihiro: Alaska is the large state on the side of Canada. Actually, it almost looks like it’s a part of Canada. It attracts tourists because of the beautiful nature you can find there.
Ryan: Have you been there before?
Chihiro: Unfortunately I haven't! So I can’t give you an in depth promotion of the state! Okay, on to our next question about pop culture! Now, if the late Michael Jackson is known to be the King of Pop, who is the Queen of Pop?
Ryan: What kind of question is that!?
Chihiro: A perfectly pop question!
Ryan: Let me see... Britney Spears... Beyonce... they’re more at the age of princess of pop... Madonna!
Chihiro: Right! Madonna is often called the Queen of Pop! A famous pop artist who first came out in the 80s and who has had many great, controversial performances. I still love her music.
Ryan: You know what, let’s turn the tables... I’m going to ask the questions this time.
Chihiro: Go right ahead.
Ryan: Chihiro, have you been to New York?
Chihiro: I have, big apple, great city.
Ryan: OK, let’s talk about a famous landmark in New York... I have the Statue of Liberty in mind.
Chihiro: A beautiful woman.
Ryan: Well, where was she a gift from?
Chihiro: I know this one. She was a gift from France in 1886 to celebrate the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I also know that she is about 46m tall.
Ryan: You knew!
Chihiro: I went there recently, and I remember it from a pamphlet. Do you know its original purpose?
Ryan: Well, I heard it was once a lighthouse.
Chihiro: That’s right! The location was perfect for its function as a light house!
Ryan: Okay, you got that one. Now for the next question, one about economy. Which country is The United State’s main export partner? A) China B) Japan C) Canada
Chihiro: Ummmmm. I think China.
Ryan: Nope. Canada is their biggest exporting partner, followed by Mexico or China! Then Japan.
Chihiro: I see. Ok, you had your questions, last one’s from me to you. A trick question.
Ryan: Bring it on.
Chihiro: What’s the official language of the United States?
Ryan: I would say English if this weren’t a trick question. So I’m going to say I’m not sure.
Chihiro: Good choice, because you’re right, English is not the official language, although it is the native language. Believe it or not, The US does not have an official language!
Ryan: Interesting, native but not official.
Chihiro: Okay, listeners, how many were you able to answer correctly?
Ryan: We hope you learned a little something from this lesson.
Chihiro: See you all soon.
Ryan: Bye for now.


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Sunday at 01:06 PM
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Hello Jessi, Lex and Katt,

Thanks for taking the time to post and share. 👍

@Jessi - Thanks for offering Vanessa your encouragement throughout her English studies!

@Lex - The word 'by' is used very often in English and can be used in many different situations and contexts. It is mostly used as a preposition but can also be an adverb. Just some of the uses are: it can show how something is done, can mean 'beside' or 'next to,' it can show a location or place and time.

In the sentences you highlighted from the transcript, 'by' is being used as a preposition. An example of 'by' being used as an adverb is: "As time goes by, the paint will slowly chip."

@Katt - That's correct! (And it was given by the French to the USA during the American Revolution).

If you ever have any other questions, please let us know!



Team EnglishClass101.com

Wednesday at 12:35 PM
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Could you explain me the diferrents uses of "by"?

I noticed some sentences that using "by" in the lesson transcipt:

"... basic knowledge of the United States by quizzing you..."

"... Alaska is the biggest state, followed by Texas..."


Thursday at 09:17 PM
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"What country gave the Statue of Liberty as a gift?" Is it correct too?

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Tuesday at 09:51 AM
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Hi Vanessa and yeska7000.

Thank you both for your comments! I'm glad that the lessons are helpful for you.


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Wednesday at 04:46 PM
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:heart: I loved this lesson! So much to learn. American people and culture! Great!

Friday at 06:57 PM
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Hi Vanessa!

Thanks for your comment :)

We hope you enjoy the lessons.

Friday at 09:16 AM
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i need practice my english and this kind is perfect



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the thing that i'd most like is learnig English

in my Iphone

and I thing that learning English is the most important in this world connecting with the Universe

thaths is amazing