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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody. Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we are going to talk
about -ism words. Words ending in I-S-M, isms. Let's get started.
The first word is “anarchism.” “Anarchism” is “the belief that there should be no government, that society
should just rule itself.” So some groups of people might say, “Let anarchism reign.”
The next word is “altruism.” “Altruism” is “the idea that everyone should just be selfless.” We should always just act on behalf of other people, right? “Altruism is the key to world peace.”
“Feminism.” “Feminism” is just “advocating for women's rights,” supporting women's rights, uh, equal rights for women and really just equal rights for people in general. “I support feminism.” Something like that.
Right, next is “pacifism.” “Pacifism” is “the belief that violence is never justified.” We should never use violence. Pacifism is great. Pacifism leads to peaceful cultures.
The next word is “sensationalism.” It's all about making a story, a news story, sensational, so even if the facts aren’t necessarily true facts. We don't know all the information, and news media might kinda make things up. Sensationalism only hurts the audience because they don't know what's truly going on.
End! That's it. That's -isms. Thank you very much for joining us. Try to practice a few of these -isms. There are many, many, many, many -isms that I'm sure you have yet to find out. But I will see you again next week for more Weekly Words. Bye!