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Lesson Transcript

A normalish Weekly Words! Welcome back! Welcome, welcome. This week we’re gonna do red idioms. Idioms involving the color red. Let’s start. I’m curious.
“Paint the town red” is kind of an old-fashioned phrase. It just means to “go out and have a really good time.” You might’ve seen it in an old movie that says, “Come on! We’re gonna go out and paint the town red tonight! Let’s go!”
“To be in the red.” You don’t want to be in the red. “To be in the red” means that you “owe someone money.” You have debt. Our company is in the red for the last quarter. We really need to improve our sales strategy. Yeah. I don’t know what this was. We really need to improve our sales strategy. This’ll help.
Red idiom is “a red flag.” “Red flag” is a great phrase to know I think. It’s “a sign that something is wrong.” You might say, “That person was acting really weird. That was kind of a red flag to me.” Mean, if I say these things. Five red flags for meeting people are: all talk no action; always bumming money off their friends; no ambition; no skills or no desire to develop skills. Another one is don’t know when it’s their turn to talk. I don’t like that. Watch “English in Three Minutes” for more on how to develop these skills, these very important skills.
Onward. The next is “to catch someone red-handed.” This is used when you catch someone doing something bad. “The teacher caught the student red-handed. He was trying to steal the hamster from the school’s petting zoo.” I don’t know. “The teacher caught the student red-handed trying to steal the class pet.” Caught him red-handed, right in the middle, in the act of trying to do something bad. That’s the key there.
The next one is “red carpet treatment.” “Red carpet treatment.” Maybe you’ve seen this at awards shows. There’s always a red carpet in front of where the famous actors and actresses and producers and film people enter. “Red carpet treatment” means “to be treated very well, to be treated like royalty.” You might say, “We got the red carpet treatment at the event last week. It was great.”
Okay. That’s the end! That’s the end of… That’s the end of red idioms, words and phrases that are related to the color red. Try them out. There are a couple pretty common ones in there. And we will see you again next week for more Weekly Words. Thanks again for joining us. Bye-bye!