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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back to Weekly Words. This week let's talk about love idioms.
“To be head over heels for someone.” “To be head over heels” for somebody means that you're really interested in them. Maybe you've just met them, and you can't stop thinking about them, first love, butterflies in your stomach sort of thing. “He was head over heels for the girl that he met at the party the week before.” We’re building a story here. We’re building a story here. Oh no! Our story, what’s going to happen next in our story?
“To be on the rocks.” This phrase means “to be having problems in your relationship.” It means that you're struggling. You're having trouble. In a sentence, “My friend told me about that girl that he met at the party last weekend. He said they went out for a few dates.” Aw, this is all happening so fast. “They went out for a few dates, and now they're on the rocks.” Mm-kay.
Next is “to be an item.” “To be an item” just means “to be in a relationship with somebody.” You're officially in a relationship with someone, and your friends might say, “You're an item.” Now to continue our little story,
“Even though my friend said he was on the rocks with that girl he met at the party a few weeks ago, it seems that they are now an item.” This is getting weird, really weird.
The next one is “to pop the question.” “To pop the question” means “to ask someone to marry you.” Yeah remember that girl that my friend met at the party like a couple years ago? Yeah, “He finally popped the question to his girlfriend.” Mmm. It means he asked her to marry him.
The next one is “to tie the knot.” “To tie the knot” means “to get married,” so two people come together and tie a knot. They won't be separated, in other words. So maybe this is the end of our story. I don’t know. “So my friend ended up tying the knot with the girl that he met at the party a few years ago.”
End! I don’t know what I should say. I feel like I should just wrap up that story. I’m not gonna. So those are some actually pretty useful words and phrases that you can use to talk about relationships. Give them a try with some people that you know. Thanks for joining us for this week's Weekly Words. I will see you again next time for more interesting stuff. Take care. Bye-bye! Steven Kasher.