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Lesson Transcript

Alright! Welcome back to Weekly Words! My name is Alisha. This week we're going to
look at the internets today. this sounds scary, let's begin.
The first word is “live-tweet”.
Live-tweet is a, for those you have a twitter account, when you are watching something or listening to something at that happened the popular TV show, or an awards show, and you write your comments on Twitter as it happened, that's called live-tweeting something.
An example sentence: I live tweeted the Grammy Awards this year it was a lot of fun. That’s a lie.
The next phrase is “binge-watch”.
“Binge” means to do something to excess to do something too much. So now that and services like Hulu, or Netflix, or other TV or movie viewing services, there might be different ones in your country that are available. People like to binge-watch their favorite TV shows, meaning that they can sit and watch all of their favorite TV show in maybe a weekend, or a week, or something like that. If they just sit for hours and hours.
I binge watched all of House of Cards this season, I loved it. That’s a true story.
The next word is “neckbeard”.
Oh my god I can't believe we're teaching them this. It's not a very nice word, it typically… I’m gonna get in trouble… Neckbeard is a rude word that's used to refer to people, typically men, who do not have very good hygiene, do not have very good personal care habits, and as a result, their beard, which typically is on men's faces, or maybe in the chin or the jaw line, goes on to their neck.
In a sentence, there are a lot of neckbeards on the Internet.
make sure you don't have a neckbeard. I don’t know.
Next is “fandom”.
“Fandom” refers to a group of fans of video game, it could be an athlete, could be singer, whatever. When you talk about any group of fans, you can refer to them as the fandom. For example, video game fandom on the internet is everywhere, it's so popular. video games are. Maybe your favorite TV show change direction, the story is suddenly changed
and everybody is really upset about this change. you might say, Oh, that recent change in the story has the fandom upset.
the next word is “hyperconnected”.
“Hyperconnected” refers to somebody who’s just always has interconnection, someone who always has an internet connection, whether on their smartphone, or tablet, or their PC, whatever it is, they might use to connect to the internet they’re always connected.
“Hyper” being super, you might say, I like to stay hyperconnected so I always have all the news.
And that’s the end of The Internet Today. Those are some words that you might encounter today on the internet, so if you see them that's what they mean. Give them a try and we'll see you again next week for more weekly words. Bye!