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Lesson Transcript

Okay! Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha and this week we're going to look at funny sounding words.
I’m afraid… The first word is “doodle”.
“Doodle” is a funny word because of the way it sound, it just sounds funny when you say it. Drawing something with no plan, we call that doodling
So in a sentence: when I was a student, I love doodling in my notebook.
That’s a funny word.
“hodgepodge” mixture of a bunch of different stuff.
You might say, the dinner that I cooked last week was a real hodgepodge of the stuff I had in my fridge.
Next is “shenanigans”.
“Shenanigans”, I like this word a lot. I really like shenanigans. Kinda small tricks the my plan your family or your friends that are just a little bit mischievous, not necessarily evil but just kind of tricky, or just to be a little bit funny to play a joke on someone. Your parents will say,
enough with your shenanigans, go to your room, or something like that.
The next word is “skedaddle”.
“Skedaddle” is a good word, it means to leave quickly, to go, to go quickly.
You've been may be at a coffee shop for too long and you have to do something else, so you say to your friend, let's skedaddle, we need to go to our next appointment.
okay the next word is “persnickety”.
“Persnickety” means that you’re too focus on the details, you really like
that the small the whatever it is you're doing. In a sentence, you might say, my aunt is a persnickety person, she always has to have things a certain way.”
And that's the end, those are some funny words. Try to use them a little bit. Thank you very much for joining us for weekly word this week, we'll see you again next time for more fun stuff. Bye!