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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome back to weekly words, my name is Alisha. In this week, we are going to look at Hipster English, let’s get started. I am learning this along with you today. I am learning, I don’t know these are.
As in the material or in the record. Before CDs, before tapes, there were vinyl, vinyl records where they are about this big or there are smaller sizes maybe about this big, people would use to play music and hipsters, some hipsters prefer to use vinyl or to listen to vinyl rather on a record player.
In a sentence, I prefer vinyl because vinyl sounds more authentic.
Skinny jeans.
I think you know, these are really more mainstream at this point but skinny jeans just refers to jeans which taper at the end. So the top is bigger and then the bottom kind of, it goes like this.
In a sentence, I shrunk my skinny jeans in the wash the other day. Oops! My circulation! I can’t feel my feet.
Maybe you use Instagram. This is a very popular application where people can post photos and they can filter the photos to make them look interesting or different.
In a sentence, follow me on Instagram and check out my pics. I have cool pics.
Next is Thrift store.
A Thrift store is a second hand shop, a kind of shop where you can go to find things that other people have used or have worn before, and you can usually get them for a cheap price.
In a sentence, I like to go to the Thrift store every weekend because there are always interesting new things to find.
All right, the next word is Polaroid.
Polaroid refers to an old style camera, box shaped. I think you can still buy updated versions of these now, and you take a picture and the picture would immediately spit out the front of the camera in a little square and you could kind of shake it a little bit to make that, I guess, but the picture would gradually fade in. You would see the picture start to appear. So Polaroid’s I guess are popular among hipsters. I don’t know.
In a sentence, I like decorating my room with Polaroid pictures.
And okay, that’s the end of hipster words. I really don’t know if I’ve explained all of those very well but in case you want to cross some of these words, maybe that’s a little bit of context for them. Thanks very much for joining us this week. We will see you again next time, bye.