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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back to Weekly Words. I’m Alisha, and this week we are going to talk about words that start with
Z. I’m gonna try that again because that was really weird. Words that start with the letter Z. I broke the iPad, like, okay.
First word is “zany.” Z-A-N-Y. I don't need to spell it. They’re going to see it on the screen. “Zany” just means “something that's amusing or different or a little bit weird,” perhaps. You might say, “My friend is so zany! She bought a New Kids on the Block lunchbox last week.” Why was that the first thing that came to mind?
“The next word is “zillion.” “Zillion” is just a word that we use in place of a very large number, so you probably know “million,” “billion,” “trillion,” for example, but when you just want to emphasize that something is a huge number, there's a lot of something, you can say “zillion,” for example. “They were a zillion ants in my backyard last week!”
The next word is “zoom.” The word “zoom” actually has two meanings. The first word is on a camera, for example, you can “zoom” in to get closer to the subject, or you can “zoom” out to get further away from the
subject. I think… Are you going to “zoom” now? “Zoom” in. “Zoom” out. K. Uh, “zoom” also is an onomatopoeia. An “onomatopoeia” means “a word that sounds something like what it's supposed to be representing.” This onomatopoeia means to “go very fast,” so you might say, “I'm looking forward to getting in this new car. I hear it zooms!”
The next word is “zest.” “Zest” means “to do something with great enthusiasm.” Like you might say, “I
have a zest for life,” meaning you're really interested in life and you have a lot of energy for it. “Zest” also has a second meaning, which is used in cooking a lot, like you might take the “zest” from a lemon, meaning a “little, little, tiny particles of something” and put it in your food. So there, those are some things.
The next word is “zoology.” “Zoology” refers to the “study of animals.” You might have it in your university if you’re a university student, there might be a “zoology” department. Um, so you might run into somebody one day who says, “Oh, yes, my major’s in zoology. What are you studying?”
End! That was a fast one. Okay, thanks for watching words that start with Z. Try to use a few of them. Bye!